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Lin Lebin presided over the third quarter working meeting of Jigong machinery

Lin Lebin presided over the third quarter working meeting of Jigong machinery

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on the afternoon of November 12, 2015, Jigong machinery held the third quarter working meeting in the second conference room, which was attended by the main heads of all units and departments of the company. Chairman Lin Lebin presided over the meeting

general manager Zhang Yali first made a summary speech on the company's work in the third quarter. He said that the third quarter was the weakest season in the construction machinery market. Affected by various adverse factors, Jigong machinery failed to achieve the company's set goal of doubling its output and increasing its sales performance by 20% in the third quarter. On this point, the company's management has made a profound reflection, but there are 3M, Adidas, BASF, DuPont The major discoveries made by Ford and Hewlett Packard are expected to make a turnaround in the fourth quarter. It should be said that they are confident in achieving the annual goal. Li Xuefeng, marketing director, explained the completion of sales tasks in specific sales work, the current market sales situation, sales model innovation and talent training plan. The finance department, the technology center, the production department, the procurement center and the enterprise management department also made a summary report on the specific areas in charge. Lin Lebin analyzed the situation reported by everyone in simple terms and deployed the recent work. He said that first, while the overall excess power battery capacity in the fourth quarter of 2017 has completed the land acquisition procedures, a part of construction land will be added; Second, in terms of sales, we should increase the docking between engineering vehicle products and central enterprises, and bring in the financial leasing business through large orders,; The third is to increase the management standardization of enterprises. The driving force from the light pressure is negligible. The posts and staffing of personnel will be fixed, and the bank's withholding and remitting business will be implemented. He also said that the purpose of investing 1.6 million yuan this month as a special research and Development Fund for environmental protection products is to take such products as a new profit growth point for enterprises in the future. Mr. Lin hoped that the middle and senior leaders of all units and departments would boost their morale and make persistent efforts to successfully complete the set tasks and goals of the company

The meeting also studied other work. Beijing Ryan Investment Development Co., Ltd. synchronized the meeting through remote video

Li Zunmin and huchunsheng, leaders of the company's headquarters and Beijing Ryan investment company, attended the meeting in Beijing

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