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Linyi plate and ceramic industry has entered the era of "intelligent manufacturing"

Abstract: after years of development, Linyi ceramic industry has become one of the eight major ceramic production areas in China, mainly including architectural ceramics and daily-use ceramics, especially wall tiles and floor tiles. It occupies a large market share in the country and has a strong influence in the industry

on the 22nd, as a series of activities of the 8th China wood based panel Expo, the 4th world wood based panel conference and the 16th National Symposium on the development of wood based panel industry and the 2017 China (Linyi) Ceramic Industry Development Summit Forum were held. The two activities advocated green, brand and innovative ideas, and elites, experts and scholars from the wood-based panel and ceramic industries at home and abroad jointly planned the road of industrial development

the theme of the fourth world wood-based panel conference and the 16th National wood-based panel industry development seminar is "green manufacturing is the only way for the development of wood-based panel", which aims to cooperate with Linyi International Wood Industry Expo, further consolidate China's core position in the wood-based panel industry, speed up the pace of adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the whole industry, and point out the direction for the healthy and benign development of the industry

as a grand event with the highest specification and the most extensive influence in the wood industry, the world wood based panel conference has been permanently settled in Linyi, which has built a powerful platform for our city to build the whole industry chain of wood industry, provide all factor supply, promote the whole process innovation, deepen foreign exchange and cooperation, and drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. In the next step, our city will vigorously implement the major project of converting old and new kinetic energy, actively introduce advanced concepts and models such as "interconnection +" personalized customization of the whole house ", pay close attention to key links such as environmental protection glue, heat supply guarantee, leading enterprise cultivation, brand building, accelerate the construction of projects such as wood industry inspection center, R & D center and Exhibition Center, and promote wood products to move towards medium and high-end wood flooring, furniture, etc, Further promote the regional brand of Dayuan Linyi wood industry

2017 China (Linyi) ceramic industry development summit forum takes "brand co construction, innovation and win-win" as the theme, combines the characteristics of Linyi ceramic industry and the actual needs of brand construction, and transmits nutrition and power for sustainable development strategies such as brand building, platform building, channel expansion of Linyi ceramic industry by means of well-known expert analysis, successful case sharing, brand management, and government policy interpretation, Effectively promote the brand promotion and development of ceramic industry and Linyi ceramic industry enterprises, and implement the national strategy of "brand building" with practical actions. The forum also held the launching ceremony of the "the Belt and Road" brand co construction and sharing action of Linyi building materials enterprises, which opened the road to the construction of Linyi ceramic brand with practical actions

the storm of environmental protection and overcapacity nationwide once plunged the ceramic industry into a trough. The ceramic industry in our city, as a traditional advantageous industry, is undergoing transformation. The new environmental protection equipment should not only be golden mountains and silver mountains, but also green rivers and mountains; Introduce advanced technology and talents, promote industrial transformation and improve product quality. Linyi has become one of the eight major ceramic producing areas in China. By integrating into the "the Belt and Road", Linyi ceramics is going out of China and into the world

the annual output value of the wood industry exceeds 120billion yuan

as China's board city and the national forest industry science and technology demonstration zone, Linyi's wood industry is the dominant industry and leading industry of our city. After more than 30 years of development and growth, our city's wood industry has become the country's largest board production, export and trading place. There are more than 20000 wood processing enterprises and more than 500000 employees in the city, with an annual production and processing of more than 33 million cubic meters of artificial boards, more than 1 million pieces of wood furniture and nearly 1 million square meters of wood flooring. The output of boards accounts for 12.3% of the country and the export volume accounts for about 40%. The products are exported to nearly 200 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea, and the annual output value of the wood industry exceeds 120billion yuan

at present, there are two enterprises in Xingang and lichen in the city with an annual output value of more than 1billion yuan, and 17 enterprises such as Linxiang wood industry, Zhongyi wood industry and Guanglin wood industry have an output value of more than 500million yuan. Our city has three well-known trademarks in China, including Xingang, Hanyu Donglai and federal, 12 famous trademarks in Shandong Province, such as Fuda, Zhongyi and Huaxin Jiasheng, and 20 famous Shandong brand products, such as Qianshan, Anxin and Tyson. In 2016, the number of wood enterprises with export performance in the city reached 1011, the export volume of wood products reached 2.16 billion US dollars, and the export volume of plywood accounted for about 30% of the country and 71% of the province

the annual output value of the ceramic industry reaches 16billion yuan

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after years of development, Linyi has become one of the eight major ceramic production areas in China, mainly including architectural ceramics and household ceramics, especially wall tiles and floor tiles. It occupies a large market share in the country and has a strong influence in the industry

at present, there are 84 ceramic enterprises above Designated Size in the city, including 64 in Luozhuang district. The annual output value of the ceramic industry in our city reaches 16billion yuan, and the total output ranks third in the country

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"smart manufacturing" leads the upgrading of the panel industry

on the 22nd, on the site of the 4th world wood based panel conference and the 16th National Wood based panel industry development seminar, youyou wood industry showed the IPF internal purification aldehyde series products to the participants. It is reported that their board products can not only remove formaldehyde in the board, but also release negative oxygen particles to protect the healthy living environment

"the net aldehyde anion solid wood composite wood-based panel we developed and produced can not only remove formaldehyde, but also absorb haze, benzene, xylene, TVOC, etc." Luan Jinbang, chief scientist of youyou wood, "Because the board uses glue added with lignin and gem powder, which is different from ordinary board glue added with chemical components. Lignin is the only resource in nature that can provide renewable aryl compounds. Through activation, it can absorb formaldehyde for a long time, form a chemical reaction with formaldehyde, and form a new molecular bond that is harmless to human body. And the inside of the board is treated by special processing technology, making it become a negative oxygen ion generator, holding Continue to release negative oxygen ions to improve the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air environment, so as to achieve the effect of improving the air environment. " At present, this kind of net formaldehyde board is popular with customers all over the world, and is mainly sold to Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, with an annual export of about 2 million square meters

another technology developed by youyou wood is also very attractive. The company puts bean sized chips into plate products. The chips are made of silicon, C50, copper and other components. They are very light and thin. A small chip gives their products an ID card, which can be identified by machines and traced back to the source

room measurement - Design - standardized production of large machinery and equipment - rapid household installation. 90% of the process is completed in the factory. A home can be decorated in three days, and the private customized furniture of the whole house can be completed... Relying on the solid foundation of plate production, Fuda wood industry has transformed and developed "happy bear whole house customized quick installation" products and services, and the products cover the whole house woodwork systems such as wardrobe (wardrobe, bookcase, wine cabinet), cabinet, ceiling, interior door, wall panel, etc, Realize the one-stop decoration material selection and home decoration industrialized business model, and lead the new trend of industrial development

"the customized furniture uses the solid wood multi-layer furniture board produced by Fuda. The material is environmental friendly, can be disassembled many times, and has strong grip. Even if you move the furniture three or five times and then combine it, it's no problem at all". According to Feng Xiaoqiang, head of the "happy bear whole house customized express" direct sales store, at present, they have more than 200 franchise stores across the country. The whole house customized express mode is very popular, and customers have to queue up to order

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break out of the tight encirclement

Linyi ceramics has a firm foothold

on the morning of the 22nd, at the 2017 China (Linyi) Ceramic Industry Development Summit Forum, Zhang bingshun, chairman of Shunhong (xinlianshun) Construction Ceramics Co., Ltd., listened to the lectures of experts on Brand Co construction, innovation and win-win in the ceramic industry and nodded from time to time. Like many ceramic enterprises, Shunhong Jiantao also faces many challenges. Production and operation costs have risen year after year, the industry has excess capacity, and the domestic market is becoming saturated... Zhang bingshun is very distressed when he mentions every difficulty

"after 2015, relevant municipal and district departments led many enterprises in the ceramic industry in Luozhuang district to almost all areas with developed ceramic industry. By learning solstice aerosol propellants for aerosols, we learned advanced production technology, management experience and environmental protection concepts." Zhang bingshun told that from the end of 2016 to 2017, Shunhong Jiantao invested more than 20 million yuan to build the country's advanced dry dust removal equipment. At present, the equipment is in good use and has reached the fourth national emission standard. "In fact, since 2013, the company has begun to pay attention to the investment of environmental protection equipment."

in addition to paying attention to environmental protection, the company also began to carry out technological upgrading to achieve industrial upgrading. The original low-end products were not competitive. Zhang bingshun began to work on product research and development. In the company's research and development building, a special research and development team was carrying out research and development and testing of new products, cooperating with the well-known Xi'an Xianyang Ceramic Design Institute to become a strategic partner of industry, University and research, 3D printing equipment has also been used on the production line, which has improved the product quality

the transformation of Shunhong Jiantao is only a microcosm of the nirvana of the ceramic industry in Luozhuang district. The relevant person in charge of Luozhuang Ceramics Association said frankly that with the rising operating costs of production economics and frequency converters on electrical appliances, and overcapacity in the whole industry, Luozhuang ceramics industry is facing a big dilemma, and there is no way out without change. The ceramic association makes enterprises pay attention to research and development by leading enterprises to go out and study advanced technology and experience. At present, thousands of patented technologies and mature production processes have been introduced, attracting more than 400 talents of all kinds, laying the foundation for the development of the ceramic industry

at the same time, the ceramic industry in our city has actively integrated into the "the Belt and Road" and established cooperative relations with relevant countries. Now, Luozhuang District Ceramic Association is contacting and investigating with relevant departments in Ethiopia, Zambia and other countries to promote Linyi ceramics to the international market and build an international brand

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