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Lingyun intelligent voice navigation helps me escape the earth eating day

double 11 shopping Carnival

behind every successful man, there is a great woman. Behind Ma Yun, there are thousands of men, including Bai, Jia and Niang. At 11.1100:00, the women began to buy crazily

this past week, I have all my beloved things. When I get my salary, I suddenly react: the serious consequences caused by willful hand cutting, and I will eat dirt after returning my credit card! There is no self-control, let alone shopping. What should I do? Check how much credit card should be returned? It's better to have bill details. So I dialed XXX

voice of a credit card center eagerly and anxiously:

first level menu:

welcome to XX Credit Card Center

please enter your ID number

second level menu:

please enter your card number and password

I then press

third level menu:

quota query please press 1

integral query please press 2

go to the mall please press 3

for billing business, please press 4

and then I press

four level menu:

Press 1

for bills that have been issued, press 2

for bill details, press 3, and then go to the complete plastic industry chain of raw material Trade and product sales

I press

again, and I can't tell if I press it at a lower temperature (the heat resistance of aramid aramid is better than the heat resistance of the organic lining mentioned above. What

let me press the button, let me wait, and let me hang up. The baby who is going to eat earth is dark inside.

drunk enough

is it easy for me to check the bill? I

Customer Service gentleman, the baby's heart is bitter, and it's not easy to chop his hands. Can you save snacks by kneeling down?

Customer Service, you can have snacks.

in fact, customer service gentleman is also good Gu Di

the boss of the enterprise is also sad

lingyunjun analysis:

(from Tsinghua, you know more)

the growth of business scale can only rely on the increase of telephone operators (labor cost, training into aluminum lithium alloy: the choice of new materials for modern aircraft, repeated work, serious loss), to alleviate the pressure, and failed to fundamentally solve the problem. Among them, the most critical reasons are: traditional IVR, the hierarchy promotes the industrial extension, there are many options at all levels, the order of options is unreasonable, the key press machinery is cumbersome, and the waiting time is long. Offer a clever plan to use Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

one language direct, ask what, answer what

7*24h, don't complain, don't be tired, just give you full marks

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

three key technologies


Lingyun voice recognition, second return and recognition rate of more than 95%. I can deal with Mandarin, Uyghur, Cantonese, dialect accents and other languages freely

Lingyun semantic understanding, know what you want, because you know you best

Lingyun speech synthesis, say everything you know, let the sound warm you, and let communication span distance

it also supports intelligent interruption, chat and joke telling

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation, my best friend, let me know the credit card bill in time, control my desire to buy in time, and take me away from the day of eating dirt

lingyunjun has provided high-quality intelligent services for call centers and customer service centers in aviation, finance, telecommunications, energy, transportation, government and other fields, and will continue to expand its territory in the future

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