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Linkhead embedded video conference is simply and quickly connected to everyone.

video conference is already a well-known office tool, and many video conference products also seem to be similar, with no essential difference. Enterprises often choose a video conference product, which is bound to this product, and it is difficult to have other choices in the next 10 years, Whether you want to expand capacity or make other changes, you must find this supplier, because whether you overturn the original product or start a new one, it will cost a lot, and this cost is not only money, but also the use behavior and more hidden contact with the manufacturer's personnel! Form cost

with the continuous diversification of consumer market demand, if you feel that your system wants to change, and you want to expand the capacity but do not want to change the original video conference system, in addition to looking for the original supplier, are there any other solutions? Of course, linkhead launched chime video conferencing products. Compared with many brands of video conferencing products, its biggest feature is that it is compatible with other brands of video conferencing products, which can not change your original port handling capacity of 480 million tons and container handling capacity of 6.7 million TEU in Hainan; The throughput of the system has exceeded 420 million tons, which does not change your original usage habits and helps enterprises quickly expand the system

in addition to rapid deployment and compatibility with other video conferencing products, chime has other advantages, and there is no need to install plug-ins; Do not use complex and expensive MCU; It can help enterprises reduce costs, simplify infrastructure construction, reduce the complexity of video conferencing, and enhance interconnection

to sum up, the two major features of chime are saving and simplicity

saving MCU by 50% to

saving 75% of the Internet broadband

simple structure, no need for turn, no need for DMZ, deployment through a single VM or cloud node

no new software, just use the simple expansion of

through the browser, only one quarter of the MCU port and one quarter of the Internet bandwidth, No need for media server

synchronous support for webrtc and non webrtc environments

simple and rapid handling of bad network environments

chime's upgraded products also have the feature that the function space can be customized. You can simply customize the functions you need by checking different components. It can quickly and easily customize real-time audio and video, customized text interaction, customized whiteboard and other different needs

can help you connect to everyone quickly and easily. Don't you want to know more

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