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Lingyun photonics technology group made a wonderful appearance at the 2013 Beijing Printing Exhibition

from May 14 to 18, 2013, the eighth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition was held in Beijing New International Expo Center. More than 1300 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, attracting more than 180000 visitors. It is unprecedented in scale and extremely popular. Lingyun photon technology group made a wonderful debut with the theme of machine implantation into eyes and brain

Lingyun photon technology group has obvious advantages. Founded in 1996, it is a professional technology enterprise dedicated to the fields of optical communication, sensing and visual image. Ten researchers said that for many years, it has been "qualified" or "unqualified" for more than 50 optoelectronics companies in the world; The calibration certificate only gives the uncertainty of the complete calibration data and measurement results. The sub professional technology company does product promotion, application technology services, market expansion and channel construction in the mainland of China and the Hong Kong SAR, and on the basis of several years of technology accumulation, it carries out professional research and development and production in the field of high-end visual images and optical communications

It is understood that Lingyun photonics entered the printing field in 2000. It was first successful in the banknote printing industry, and then quickly launched a series of innovative printing process quality detection solutions applied to printing, offline and final quality inspection in cigarette labels, labels, flexible packaging printing and other fields. In 2009, Lingyun photonics was the first to launch a light column laser cigarette label detection solution, which broke through the main technical bottleneck that plagued the cigarette label printing detection

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