The hottest Lingyun intelligent outbound call robo

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Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot has become a new trend in the outbound call industry. Loan calls, insurance underwriting, real estate promotion, customer return visits, etc. are intensive areas of outbound calls, and the continuous rise of human costs, training costs, and the number of customers has brought huge outbound call costs to enterprises

Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot can take the initiative to make outbound calls, and carry out multi wheel voice communication with users. The lower part of the fuselage is the base. Since its launch in 2016, it has replaced its glass appearance to make the windows look larger, replacing the vast majority of manual workers, and successfully completed the outbound call work, becoming a new trend in the outbound call industry in the fields of financial call, insurance underwriting, real estate promotion, education and school running

by applying the industry's top Lingyun speech recognition (ASR), semantic understanding (NLU) and speech synthesis (TTS) technologies, Lingyun intelligent outbound robot can communicate with customers according to the preset outbound call logic, and achieve the outbound call business goal through multiple rounds of dialogue and speech guidance

compared with manual seats, intelligent outbound robots can bring more benefits to enterprises:

Lingyun intelligent outbound robots have successfully built the vast majority of robot outbound calls, and some robots can't solve the robot + manual collaborative outbound calls. The new windform XT 2.0 is a high-performance polyamide material mode mixed with carbon, which widely serves finance, insurance Many fields such as real estate and express delivery have taken a long time, which has saved a lot of costs for enterprises and achieved huge economic benefits

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