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Linx company launched a new multi-function nozzle for small character inkjet code

collar improved conditioning speed and precision new 6800. On the basis of the success of collar new printing technology, it has expanded with the new micro nozzle, and its most common print head has launched the latest nozzle range. Combined with the main advantages related to leading new products, micro nozzles bring flexibility and reliability. The application of new levels requires careful reprinting of small or code. Micro nozzle is very suitable for electronic, pharmaceutical and candy sectors and the readability of consumer electronic products such as code is crucial

the advantages of using micro nozzles include the ability to print complex characters and logos in a narrow space. This is possible because compared with the standard print head, the micro print head uses a smaller drop in more defined characters. This gives the electron element 1 Provide the tensile value of the maximum point and breaking point, and the market attention of pharmaceutical products and candy packaging and printing will rise. You want to choose codes and marks

micro nozzles also provide high-quality and reliable printing, so they are very suitable for production lines and require very high speed printing. It can print line 1 at a speed of up to 500 meters per minute (8.4 meters per second)

when combined with Lingxin Jihad black free ultra fast drying ink 1405, the micro nozzle provides high-speed production lines, such as wiring, flow packaging and bottling. Soon after the surface can be in contact with each other, printing, additional benefits. In Lingxin, the micro nozzle combines with ink for fast drying, speed, and work particularly well. In difficult environments, spots may be a problem

the main feature of a series of other nozzles in Lingxin mark 7 is the inherent micro nozzle. These measures include:

robust performance? The valve system makes the startup and shutdown of cleaning fluctuate, so as to minimize the daily cleaning needs. The risk of costly damage is greatly reduced because the key components of the print head are sealed

shorter descent, channel? This enables more consistent and accurate ink drops and improved print quality Prepare 2G absolute dry pulp samples according to the rules

all refresh automatically?, The requirements for cleaning are further reduced to ensure trouble free entrepreneurship

intelligent injection control? Intelligent spray control system and control measures constantly spray speed in the print head to maintain ink viscosity. This helps to reduce the need for maintenance, thereby maximizing the uptime of the production line

Simon Powell, the new marketing manager in Lingxin, said: the micro nozzle is a great addition to the mark 7 print head. It can provide very small code for fast and reliable printing, making it particularly suitable for company code needs on a variety of products. Its versatility also makes it a 'must-have institution that is seeking diversification to adapt to or in the future product line'

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