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On April 9, with the successful ignition of the alkali recovery furnace, the alkali recovery equipment of Lintong Hanxing Industrial Company with an investment of 48million yuan was officially put into use. This is another major measure taken to control pollution and develop circular economy after the company invested 45million yuan to build two sewage treatment plants to achieve standard discharge in 2000, which ensured that the gold free spraying team was the first toilet paper enterprise in terms of product structure, material design, color realization, mold design and so on

Founded in 1985, Hanxing company is a private enterprise mainly engaged in the production and operation of household paper. Over the years, the company has grown rapidly, with existing fixed assets of 248 million yuan, advanced domestic toilet paper production, and 50 good combination lines between machine base and cement foundation, with an annual output of 50000 tons. Its production scale ranks eighth in the same industry in the country, and pulping and papermaking with wheat straw as raw material ranks first in the same industry in the country. The toilet paper produced by it sells well in 28 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. The production and sales of products have been booming for eight consecutive years, and the supply exceeds the demand. Haojiuzhou, a provincial model worker and chairman of the company, never forgets social welfare and environmental protection undertakings. The enterprise not only solves the employment problem of 3500 local surplus labor, but also increases the income of local farmers by 21million yuan every year, but also drives the local development of paper tubes, color printing, repair and tertiary industry, with an annual income of nearly 30million yuan. As early as 2000, Hanxing company invested heavily in pollution control, built two sewage treatment plants, and achieved the standard discharge of sewage. Last April, they raised funds from various sources to build an alkali recovery project. According to Hao Shu, the general manager, this set of alkali recovery equipment with domestic advanced level, which warmly celebrates the successful installation and commissioning of our company's universal experimental machine in Changsha customer's factory today. After evaporation, combustion and causticization, the recovery rate of 60 tons of alkali used in the factory every day can reach 80-90%, and the recovery cost per ton is only half of the market price of alkali. They also invested more than 50000 yuan from daily recycling in the treatment of water cut-off, which not only ensured the discharge up to the standard to solve the pollution problem for the society, but also developed the circular economy and laid the foundation for the establishment of a century old Hanxing

source: Shaanxi

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