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The Linux foundation announced that it would set up a foundation for graphql

today, the Linux foundation announced that it would set up a foundation for graphq "L. the project will be dedicated to developing and stabilizing graphql ecosystem, so that graphql will be widely concerned and adopted, which will help graphq. It uses non-contact technology to monitor the displacement of movable magnets L and the development of its surrounding ecosystem

linux foundation is a non-profit organization that realizes innovation through open source. It provides support for many projects that continue to develop with the global construction market. Linux is only one of them. Others include cloud native Computing Foundation, cloud foundry foundation, automotive grade Linux, JS Foundation (to be merged with node Foundation), etc

as we all know, graphql is an application level data query language developed by Facebook. Through graphql, the client can easily obtain data with a custom structure from the data set of the server. It was officially open source in 2015. It provides an alternative solution based on rest API, which gives developers more flexible, safe and fast development capabilities, improves work efficiency and minimizes the amount of data transmission, Graphql also makes cross platform and mobile development more convenient. Developers can use a variety of programming languages to create a seamless user experience

nowadays, graphql has been used by large companies such as airbnb, atlassian, Audi, CNBC, GitHub, major league soccer, Netflix, Shopify, New York Times, twitter, pinterest and yelp. Within Facebook alone, graphql supports billions of API calls every day

ee Byron, the co-founder of graphql, said that as one of the creators of graphql, he was surprised and proud of the growth of graphql usage since graphql was open source. He hoped to encourage more developers to join and contribute to this group by establishing graphql foundation, make graphql an industry standard, and hope to get more support in documents, development tools, and investment

Killian Murphy, Facebook's open source director, said that Facebook's mission is to let more people build communities and make the world closer. They believe that open source projects and communities built around open source projects will help accelerate the development of innovation and solve major problems faced by developers

Chris aniszczyk, vice president of Technology Promotion Department of Linux foundation, said: graphql redefines API and client server interaction. We look forward to cooperating with graphql community to develop it into an independent foundation, and helping them draft governance regulations and specifications to help graphql achieve higher utilization

it is understood that the new foundation will have a new management model, which may be similar to other Linux foundation projects. The current founding members include airbnb, Apollo, coursera, elementl, Facebook, GitHub, hassura, prism, Shopify and twitter. The list of members is still expanding, and more specific details need to be disclosed

about the Linux foundation

the Linux foundation is the preferred organization of the world's top developers and companies, and can build an ecosystem to accelerate open technology development and industry adoption. Together with the global open source community, it solves the most difficult technical problems by creating the largest shared technology investment in history that can do a good job in after-sales service. Founded in 2000, the Linux foundation provides tools, training and activities to expand any open source project, which together brings an economic impact that no company can achieve

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