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Linhai City strives to basically realize the "town to town connection" of pipeline gas by 2020.

since this year, Linhai City has closely focused on the ten action plans of enriching the people and strengthening the province, made an overall plan, synchronized urban and rural areas, took the lead in comprehensively implementing the "gas revolution" in the province, promoted the popularization of urban and rural pipeline gas, the "bottle to gas" treatment project, and the "global clearance" of hidden dangers of gas water heaters and gas stoves, Strengthen gas supply guarantee and safety management to realize "benefiting and calming the people". By the end of 2017, the city's annual natural gas consumption was 49.68 million cubic meters. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual demand for natural gas will reach 226.71 million cubic meters. Since this year, the construction of the Huixi section of the Linhai Xianju natural gas pipeline project of the "county to county" pipeline gas project has been started, and 18.6 kilometers of newly reconstructed gas pipelines in the urban area have been completed. The main methods are:

comprehensive planning to weave a "road map" for the popularization of urban and rural pipeline gas.

first, comprehensively improve the planning of urban and rural natural gas pipelines. The "Linhai City gas special plan" has been revised, and the implementation scope of the pipeline gas project has been expanded from the urban area to the urban area. By 2020, the main supporting facilities of the urban and rural pipeline gas project in the city will be comprehensively improved. Carry out in-depth research on the gas market, scientifically formulate the 2018-2020 annual pipeline gas user development plan and the annual pipeline gas facility construction plan, and speed up the extension of natural gas to towns (streets) in combination with the construction of beautiful villages, and carry out village to village demonstration pilot projects. At present, relying on the policy dividend of "county to county connection" of the province's pipeline gas, this year has taken the lead in launching the Linhai Xianju natural gas pipeline project. Off load valve stations have been set up in three Western towns adjacent to Xianju County, including Hetou, Yongfeng and Baishuiyang. It is expected to be completed by the end of June 2019, completely solving the problem of natural gas sources in the three Western towns of the city; Other towns (streets) are organizing the implementation according to the plan and accelerating the early stage and construction of the project

second, make every effort to optimize policy services. The city has included the newly reconstructed urban gas pipeline project into one of the city's top ten practical projects and key projects for people's livelihood, clarified the subject status of pipeline gas franchise rights outside the planned urban area, implemented green channel approval management, and changed from the original "subsection construction and subsection approval" to "one-time package approval", so as to realize the annual approval of the project "at most once". At present, after the municipal road excavation involved in the pipeline construction is repaired by the gas enterprise itself, the road excavation compensation fee will be exempted, the construction burden of the enterprise will be reduced, and the gas enterprise will be urged to standardize the construction behavior, pay close attention to the quality and progress, and ensure the one-time and long-term use. At the same time, all towns (streets) have comprehensively handled the policies along the pipeline gas, and relevant departments have actively provided enterprises with the whole process and humanized "mother style" services to ensure the barrier free construction of the project

third, follow up the project construction in the whole process. The municipal construction and Planning Bureau timely connects the overall planning and unit control planning of each town (street), reasonably determines the transmission and distribution system scheme according to local conditions, adheres to the synchronization of urban and rural areas, and implements the "three Simultaneities" supporting construction of pipeline gas. For example, in view of the complex terrain, difficult construction and more demolition of some plots of shaojiadu Street involved in the original planning of the medium pressure main pipeline, after many field surveys, the new pipeline route was planned in time, and the international medical town was reached through Shuanglin South Road, Linhai Avenue and Fulong plot, which greatly reduced the difficulty of policy treatment along the pipeline, accelerated the pipeline construction progress and effectively saved the pipeline construction investment

synchronously implement and formulate the "schedule" of the two treatment projects of "changing bottles to gas" and "changing coal to gas"

first, promote the use of natural gas as clean energy. In line with the principle of "who benefits, who pays", gas enterprises will give certain concessions to residential users of "bottle to gas" when charging the initial installation fee; For industrial and commercial users of "bottle to gas", only engineering construction fees will be charged, and the initial installation fee will no longer be charged; For those who hold the "low guarantee" issued by the Civil Affairs Department, each household will be given a reduction of 60 cubic meters of natural gas every year. More than 400000 copies of various publicity materials such as gas safety brochures, gas safety posters, and a letter to gas users in the city were issued to guide residents and industrial and commercial users to use pipeline gas, and the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in urban areas was phased out. At the same time, catering units that have the conditions for pipeline gas installation are comprehensively prohibited from using bottled LPG, and catering units that use LPG in violation of regulations are investigated and punished. By 2020, the coverage rate of pipeline gas users in the urban area of the city will be increased from the current 35% to 80%, and the coverage rate of pipeline gas users in towns will be increased from 9% to 65%, basically realizing the "town to town connection" of pipeline gas

the second is to speed up the transformation of old residential areas. Speed up the construction of new reconstruction projects of gas pipelines in urban areas, implement the reconstruction and extension projects of old pipelines in old urban areas, transform and replace old pipelines that do not meet the requirements of natural gas replacement or gas pipelines with major potential safety hazards, and lay new pipelines in communities that do not lay gas pipelines to ensure the full coverage of urban pipelines. Accelerate the construction of gas pipes connecting xunqiao Town, Dongcheng Town and other planning areas in the main urban area, reduce the third-party damage of gas facilities, and eliminate potential safety hazards for users. In 2018, it is planned to complete the reconstruction of more than 100 kilometers of pipelines in the urban area, and 20000 new pipeline gas users can be added; In 2019, more than 80 kilometers of new pipelines can be built, and 30000 new pipeline gas users can be added; In 2020, more than 40 kilometers of new pipelines can be built, and 15000 new pipeline gas users can be added

third, vigorously implement the "coal to gas" project. On the basis of the existing foundation, accelerate the promotion of key projects of functional materials, and speed up the transformation of highly polluting fuels (coal, fuel oil, etc.) such as boilers and stoves of government institutions, individual industrial and commercial households in the area covered by pipeline gas. By 2020, coal-fired boilers of less than 10 steam tons/hour will be completely eliminated, coal-fired boilers of less than 35 steam tons/hour will be banned, and coal-fired boilers of less than 35 steam tons/hour will be basically eliminated in the built-up areas. At the same time, we will build and improve gas and thermal projects, and encourage the construction and reconstruction of natural gas central heating facilities

strictly control and implement the three actions of "clearing the hidden danger of gas safety" in the whole area

first, complete the property right replacement of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders within a time limit. Urge enterprises to implement measures such as civil air defense, material defense and technical defense, and strengthen the allocation of devices such as two doors, surveillance video, security equipment, one button alarm, etc. Air supply service personnel are equipped with intelligence, install code scanning app software, carry out distribution code scanning, register user identity information, and make records of heavy bottle delivery and empty bottle recovery. Each cylinder is installed with a QR code, which is included in the management of the bottled gas information management system to realize the tracking and tracing of the whole process of cylinder filling, storage, sales, use, inspection and scrapping. The "household security inspection" will be included in the assessment of gas enterprises. Industrial and commercial users are required to do not less than 6 times a year, and residential users are required to do not less than 4 times a year. During the inspection, the account data will be filed, and the relevant information can be backchecked and traced. At the same time, the city's gas users will be guided to replace flame-retardant and explosion-proof gas pipes. The government will subsidize 15 yuan, and the users will bear 15 yuan. For example, shaojiadu Street launched 27 villages to collectively purchase and install flame-retardant and explosion-proof pipes, and arranged manufacturers to replace them uniformly. By the end of April, a total of 500865 steel cylinders had been replaced in the municipal area, and the replacement of gas cylinder property rights has been basically completed; 318608 households have completed the replacement of flame-retardant and explosion-proof pipes, with a replacement rate of 83.3%

second, take the lead in launching the "twelve point system" management of the bottled gas industry. That is to quantify the scores of violations committed by bottled gas enterprises, distribution points and gas delivery service personnel. According to the severity of violations, five types of scores, including 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12, are set to achieve hierarchical punishment and quantitative management, form a high-pressure situation of supervision, evaluation and accountability, and ensure implementation and management norms. For serious violations of laws and regulations such as safety accidents in gas enterprises and illegal storage of gas cylinders by gas delivery service personnel, 12 points will be deducted at one time; Gas enterprises and distribution points that have deducted 12 points annually shall be immediately closed for rectification; After deducting 12 points, the air delivery personnel shall immediately withdraw their service certificate and shall not engage in air delivery services within three years. Since November last year, more than 250 inspections and guidance have been given to gas enterprises, more than 90 road inspections have been carried out, 385 business problems have been rectified, more than 300 illegal cylinders have been detained, 2 enterprises have been punished, 1 supply station has been banned, 2 gas workers have been detained and their service licenses have been withdrawn. No gas accidents have occurred for six consecutive months

third, carry out the special rectification of "global clearing" of potential safety hazards of gas water heaters and gas stoves. Focus on the inspection of electrical appliance firms, markets, Hardware grocery stores, etc., strictly investigate the sales of unqualified water heaters such as direct discharge water heaters, and include unqualified socket switches and wires into the scope of inspection. It is completely prohibited to sell direct discharge gas water heaters, dismantle all direct discharge gas water heaters within the jurisdiction, which are out of service and "three its strength has not fallen without" and replace them with qualified water heaters. Centering on the requirements of "four must checks" for gas appliances, we can make full use of the high degree of computer standardization, strong compatibility, rich software resources, real-time operation function and high reliability of PLC to set the main time period for residents to rest at home, and solve the practical problems of "unable to open the door and enter the house" in work; For the hidden danger points found, it is required to immediately rectify them in place to ensure that one place is found and one place is cancelled, so as to completely eliminate the potential safety hazards of residential gas water heaters. Up to now, 135155 households have completed the troubleshooting and rectification of various hidden dangers, and the troubleshooting rate and rectification rate have reached 100%

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