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Organizational reform personnel optimize Yuchai to actively respond to market changes

no company can solve the problem of organizational reform personnel optimize Yuchai to actively respond to market changes

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on July 27, Yuchai Co., Ltd. held a cadre meeting, and chairman Yan Ping announced the company's organizational restructuring and the appointment and removal of senior leaders, division of labor adjustment plan, Yuchai officially kicked off the top-down institutional reform and personnel optimization work. Yan Ping said that institutional reform and personnel optimization are important contents of Yuchai's "Second Entrepreneurship", which goes hand in hand with enterprise system reengineering and product optimization and upgrading. Through this series of reforms and innovations, Yuchai shares will take on a new look, and its competitiveness will be greatly enhanced, which can support the development of Yuchai in the next five to ten years

at the meeting, President wuqiwei analyzed the severe crisis faced by Yuchai as an independent engine enterprise with the acceleration of transformation and upgrading and industrial restructuring, emphasized the necessity and importance of institutional reform, and explained the reform plan in detail

the plan has reformed the duties and division of labor of the company's senior management to clarify the division of labor and responsibilities. That is, the general manager of the company is changed to the president, and the deputy general manager of the company and the following senior managers are changed to two levels: Vice President level and senior director level (including senior director, chairman's assistant, chairman's senior adviser, etc.); Cancel the positions of company level chief economist and chief engineer, and consider setting up several professional chief engineers under the technical quality line in the future. At the same time, the number of business lines of the company was reduced from 15 to 7, and the business was under centralized management. The president's team had one principal and six vice presidents. The vice president level focuses on centralized management and coordination within the business line, and takes overall responsibility for the process and effect, highlighting the systematization. The senior director level carries out and promotes specific businesses under the leadership of the vice president, pays attention to specific businesses and processes, and highlights professionalism. In terms of institutional reform, the company's organizational structure will be reorganized and optimized to achieve the best allocation of resources and smoother business processes. The case of Fang thermoplastic polyimide engineering plastic resin also defines the time node of the company's institutional reform and personnel optimization

in view of the organizational restructuring and the adjustment of leadership division of labor, Yan Ping pointed out that the institutional reform and personnel optimization of Yuchai must start from the top, from top to bottom. High level reform and division of labor adjustment further clarify the responsibilities and rights of line leaders and highlight the role of line leaders, which is conducive to the integration of resources and avoid the problem of low operation efficiency caused by too many organizational boundaries. At the same time, he put forward four requirements: first, further clarify the hierarchical relationship between the vice president and the senior director, strengthen the responsibilities and decision-making power of the vice president, and strengthen the role of the senior director as the working assistant of the vice president with a range of 0 ~ 10 mm; Second, the leaders of all lines should be in place as soon as possible, enter the role as soon as possible, and assume the main responsibility of the reform of all lines; Third, the leaders of all lines should conduct in-depth research, find out the problems existing in all lines, and then rectify them; Fourth, leading cadres should be conscientious, responsible, wise, and work hard and creatively

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