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The instrument and meter industry has ushered in a development opportunity, showing its edge against the market

with the implementation of a series of national key engineering projects, the instrument and meter industry, which has been neglected, has been increasingly valued and supported by the government. In addition, during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, China will continue to reduce the external dependence of China's rare metal resources to a great extent, implement and restart key projects, such as the 863 plan, the Beijing Olympic Games project, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, etc., which also bring huge business opportunities to instruments and meters. As the instrument industry has not received due attention in the past, the performance of relevant companies is not ideal. When analyzing the investment value of listed companies, we should focus on their main products and the demand of their downstream industries, and focus on the future growth potential

change order 1. The extensive plastic granulator is a combination and intelligent plastic granulator. Market performance: the sub industry differentiation is obvious

1. The first instrument industry index: as of April 26, 2004, the first instrument industry index was 293.98 points, which is stronger than the overall performance. From March 9 to April 26, 2004, the index increased by 9% and the cumulative turnover rate was 73%; Over the same period, the cumulative increase of the Shanghai Stock Exchange index was -0.39%, and the cumulative turnover rate was 58%. It is obvious that the instrument and meter industry is ahead of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index in terms of both the increase rate and the cumulative turnover rate. The main reason is that the power instrument and meter stock has risen sharply as a whole, which has made a great contribution to the industry index, but due to its low weight, it has made little contribution to the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index. Judging from the sharp rise of Power Instrument Stocks, the main funds have been heavily involved in the instrument industry, and the current situation and development trend of plastic flexible packaging materials in other sub industries may become the target of heavy positions of new funds

2. Main force in and out monitoring: according to the tracking and monitoring of the public information of the watch industry according to the needs of users, we found that many institutions have intervened, and the degree of involvement of securities companies is significantly higher than that of other industries. As of the 2003 annual report, a total of 22 funds, including the national social security fund, Shanghai enterprise annuity, Penghua growth fund, Puhua fund, Yuyang fund and Jinxin fund, have been listed in the list of the top ten shareholders of the instrument industry. At the same time, there are 18 securities companies including Shenyin Wanguo Securities, Galaxy Securities, Guotai Junan Securities, United Securities, Huaxia Securities and Orient Securities. It can be found that with the intervention of powerful institutions, the instrument industry is more and more favored by the market, and some stocks with huge market demand and high-speed growth are expected to strengthen. For example, Dongfang Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huaguang Co., Ltd. continue to soar

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