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Since 2019, the institution has investigated 139 listed companies. From the perspective of industry, electronic information, mechanical equipment, biomedicine and real estate infrastructure are favored by institutions. Relevant institutions mainly focus on the impact of the landing of car couplets, the pace of 5g construction, and "4+7" volume procurement on enterprises

139 companies were surveyed

according to the statistics of wind, among the 139 listed companies surveyed by the above institutions, Chang'an Automobile, boss electric appliance, Senma clothing, Suning e-buy, Goldwind technology, Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd., Lingnan shares, Wenshi shares, Taihe new material, Weichai Power, Financial Street, and Shiji information were surveyed more than three times

44 companies have received institutional research for 10 times or more, and 6 companies have received institutional research for more than 30 times (including), including Lianmei holdings, Zhongke Chuangda, new cape, Yuantong express, sunshine power and gaoxinxing

on January 8, Lianmei holdings held an investor exchange meeting, which attracted representatives of 78 institutions. In 2018, Lianmei holdings acquired zhaoxun media, a high-speed rail digital media operator. In this survey, the organization focused on the company's two major businesses of clean heating and high-speed rail digital media. Su zhuangqiang, chairman of Lianmei holdings, said that the coal price is relatively stable and the heating price will not be reduced due to the change of coal price. Zhaoxun media and the railway bureau have signed long-term contracts, which are exclusive and have resource monopoly. It is expected that the railway media will have a rise period of at least 5-10 years or even longer

in December 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the action plan for the development of the car service (smart car) industry. The policy side continues to drive the development of the smart car industry. During the institutional research, the focus is on the situation of relevant listed companies' smart cars

Chang'an automobile has been investigated for 6 times, and the organization pays attention to the progress of its "intelligent strategy". Chang'an Automobile said that in August 2018, the company released the intelligent strategy Beidou Tianshu plan, which will transform from a traditional automobile manufacturing enterprise to an intelligent travel technology company. In 2020, Chang'an Automobile will no longer produce non joint new cars and realize 100% joint production of new products; By 2025, the on-board function of Chang'an Automobile will realize 100% voice control, and L4 level intelligent driving products will be launched. The company will integrate resources and focus on smart travel, artificial intelligence, chips, high-precision maps, voice interaction, holographic technology and other fields

Zhongke Chuangda was intensively investigated by institutions, and its smart car business and business model were focused on. The company said that at this CES, its joint venture with Qualcomm released the latest intelligent cockpit solution. Artificial intelligence has a large imagination space in the automotive field, and intellectualization has become an important experience of car driving. It is expected that the cost of software in cars will continue to rise

Gao Xinxing's car service business has attracted institutional attention. Gao Xinxing said that the car service business of the company is mainly divided into three parts: car unit, car road coordination and car service platform. Among them, the on-board unit and vehicle road coordination sector are also the main sources of revenue contribution. In addition to Geely, in 2018, it had contact with domestic vehicle manufacturers such as BYD and entered the adaptation stage. It is expected that the vehicle manufacturers cooperating in 2019 will further expand. In 2019, the company will start the overall research and development for 5g and v2x, and the investment period is expected to take years. In 2019, the whole car service sector hopes to increase by 50% compared with 2018, and strive to increase its proportion in the overall revenue to 30%

prefer electronic machinery and other industries

China Securities Journal found that among the 9 surveyed listed companies in the first tier brands at home and abroad, including Nike, Adidas, Chanel, 3star, Anta, etc., the listed companies in the field of electronic information and mechanical equipment are the most, followed by the biomedical industry and real estate infrastructure

2019 is called the year of 5g pre commercial. The Ministry of industry and information technology recently announced the operating steps of spring testing machine during the year: 5g temporary license can be issued, which has increased the market attention of 5g. When investigating listed companies in the field of electronic information and communication equipment, institutions pay more attention to the impact of 5g on the business of listed companies

pcb leading Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. said that with the official start of 5g construction, the company's enterprise communication market board business will benefit. Wanma said that with the gradual promotion and application of 5g technology, the company's optical cable and other products may benefit from it

Zhongjia Bochuang said that it is expected that in the next five years from 2019, the reduction of section of 5g network ultra dense base stations refers to the setting of material samples after tensile load will be the focus of communication network infrastructure construction. It is estimated that the construction volume of domestic 5g network micro base stations will reach 9.87 million to 13.16 million. Facing the arrival of 5g era, the company has laid out operation projects such as station site resources, which will be one of the directions for 5g growth in the future

invec said that the start of 5g scale construction will help the revenue of the company's cabinet temperature control and energy-saving products. However, at present, the scale construction of 5g in China has not been carried out, and the specific development process has not been clear. The impact on the company depends on the scale of construction and the final performance of the company among mainstream customers

some engineering equipment companies in the field of infrastructure have attracted institutional attention. Weichai Power said during the survey that the construction machinery market continued to recover, providing a huge opportunity for Linde hydraulic and the company's construction machinery engines that have accumulated for many years. "Weichai engine + Linde high pressure hydraulic" hydraulic power system will be jointly developed and benefited

Zhiyun Co., Ltd., a semiconductor equipment company, believes that the investment scale of OLED panel will be large in the next few years, as well as the corresponding investment in the rear module equipment. It is estimated that in the next year, only the OLED field will generate about 30billion yuan of demand for rear module equipment. The company is strengthening the development of OLED module equipment and actively cooperating with customers' import substitution needs

more than ten biomedical companies including Yunnan Baiyao, XinHeCheng, Enhua pharmaceutical and Mindray medical received institutional research. The impact of volume purchasing on listed companies has become the focus of most institutions. For example, Enhua pharmaceutical said that it was a trend that the price of products decreased due to volume procurement. The company will adopt different price strategies in different periods of time and adjust according to time and place. It is expected that dexmedetomidine will maintain rapid growth in the coming years, especially in non "4+7" regions

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