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The instrument and meter industry operates more stably and develops more than expected

as a means and equipment widely used in industry, agriculture, scientific research and other fields for measurement, collection, analysis and control, the application scope of instrument and meter products almost covers all fields of activities such as ASTM D2863 (2) 000, the standard experimental method for measuring and maintaining the lowest oxygen concentration (oxygen index) of plastic candlelight combustion. After decades of development, the application scope of China's instrument industry has expanded rapidly. At present, an industrial system with a relatively complete range of products, a certain production scale and development capacity has been formed, and it is still growing

in the past 2017, the operation of China's instrument and meter manufacturing industry has shown steady and rapid development, with progress and improvement in stability. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the total profit of the instrument industry in 2017 was 86.91 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 16.8%. The quality and efficiency were improved simultaneously. The overall situation exceeded expectations and will continue to rise. 1. Relevant departments of the vertical universal friction and wear tester said that the operation of China's instrument industry in 2017 was at the best level in recent years

it is understood that the operation of the instrument industry in 2017 showed several advantages. First, the industrial operation is more stable and the economic benefit is better; Second, the industrial structure adjustment is better, and the proportion of investment in technological transformation increases; Third, technological innovation develops faster and the quality and efficiency are continuously improved; Fourth, the scale of the enterprise continues to expand and the market confidence continues to increase. In the past two years of scientific and technological development, the core competitiveness of the instrument industry has been effectively improved

on the other hand, the stable growth rate of the instrument industry cannot be driven by domestic and foreign markets. Among the sub industries of instruments and meters in China, large foreign enterprises dominate the high-end product market, but in the field of electrical instruments, industrial measurement and scientific testing instruments and meters, China has born a number of enterprises with international competitiveness. Among them, we are familiar with spotlight technology, pioneer environmental protection, Kaiyuan instrument, Tianrui instrument, Tianmei instrument, Kejie instrument, xuedilong, etc. It is precisely because of such a group of enterprises committed to the research and development of domestic instruments that domestic instruments have become popular in the international instrument market

coincidentally, in addition to the driving and leading of the instrument market at home and abroad, the innovation and development of China's manufacturing industry has also brought a new round of development opportunities for the instrument industry. On January 18, the National Bureau of statistics released the 2017 national economic operation report card. Among them, the added value of high-tech industry and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 13.4% and 11.3% respectively over the previous year, which is greatly related to the steady development of instrument industry. Next, the development process of China's instrument industry will continue to grow. Under the background of good development trend of the industry, instrument enterprises also need to follow the development wave of the manufacturing industry and speed up the innovation and upgrading of instrument products, so as to make breakthroughs in product quality, core technology, function improvement and other aspects, and lay a solid foundation for the innovation and reform of the instrument industry

in 2018, the development of new generation information technology and the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry have made the instrument industry hot. Thanks to the state's active encouragement of the development of manufacturing industry and the promotion of scientific research and innovation, intellectualization has become the main direction of the future development of the instrument industry, and high-tech has become the feature of modern instruments. In the new year, China has increased its investment in scientific research of instruments and meters, which has played a decisive role in the revitalization of instruments and meters in China; At the same time, the addition of large-scale scientific research instruments has broken the traditional disadvantages, further expanded the competition pattern of the instrument market, and injected new impetus and vitality into China's "13th five year plan"

technological innovation is the life of industry development. From the current development trend, the instrument industry may face a new round of revolutionary changes in the next five years. In the era of Internet and the development of mobile Internet since 2017, we have to pay attention to a problem for the instrument industry - the sharing of goods as a public resource is redefined by the development of the sharing chain. Through the re integration of the supply chain, the industrial chain integration giant, the trendsetter of the new era will embark on the historical stage. As a basic and strategic industry of the country, the instrument industry is further booming with the guidance of national policies and the overall development of the national economy. The era of re layout of the instrument industry has come through innovative thinking, advanced network technology, capitalized operation and other methods

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