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Instrument and meter enterprises need the "craftsman spirit" of academician Liu Xianlin Abstract: the so-called "craftsman spirit" refers to the spiritual concept of craftsmen who carefully carve their products with an extreme attitude, keep improving and pursue more perfection. Its core lies in not only taking work as a tool to make money, but also establishing a spirit of dedication to work, excellence in what you do and the products you produce

on June 13, a photo shared by friends on Weibo became popular online, attracting more than 8000 reprints, more than 5000 comments and more than 100000 likes in just over seven hours. There are more than 100000 foam granulating machines. In the photo, an old man with white hair and plain clothes wearing old leather shoes on the second-class seat of the high-speed railway is revising what he is facing on paper with a pen in his hand, and his expression is focused. This "red" old man is Liu Xianlin, one of the first academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering

It is understood that academician Liu Xianlin, who is 78 years old this year, is an active advocate of the localization of Surveying and mapping instruments, honorary president of the Chinese Academy of Surveying and mapping Sciences, and has won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award twice. Academician Liu Xianlin has been committed to the research of aerial photogrammetry theory and aerial survey instruments, and has made a series of major scientific research achievements, many of which have filled the domestic gap, ending the history that China's advanced surveying and mapping instruments are all dependent on imports

78 years old, in order to make a good report, he still kept writing, which made people moved, and the Chinese side is willing to join the Malaysian side in admiration. The reason why academician Liu Xianlin has attracted great attention is that he is infected by the spirit of being meticulous in academic research and scientific research. This spirit is the "craftsman spirit" that we advocate and carry forward in the current society

the so-called "craftsman spirit" refers to the spiritual concept that craftsmen carefully carve their products with an extreme attitude, keep improving and pursue more perfection. Its core lies in not only taking work as a tool to make money, but also establishing a spirit of dedication to work, excellence in what you do and the products you produce

at the beginning of 2016, "craftsman spirit" was written into the "government work report", which caused strong repercussions and discussions of public opinion. Indeed, the times need craftsman spirit, and the development of instrument and meter enterprises also need "craftsman spirit". However, the "craftsman spirit" is not just a simple slogan. Instrument and meter enterprises should integrate it into all links of product research and development, design, production, quality and other management, and do a good job in products and services while pursuing an attitude, so that the "craftsman spirit" can truly help the development of enterprises

for a long time, there is a gap between domestic instruments and imported instruments. Imported instruments have always occupied the main market in China, distributed in national, provincial and municipal laboratories and scientific research institutions. In the field of analytical detectors, Shimadzu, Agilent, thermo fit and other foreign enterprises have occupied the Chinese market for a long time. Even though the price of analytical and testing instruments with almost the same functions and parameters is nearly 50% higher than that of domestic instruments, they still become the first choice of the government and some scientific research institutions. "We really want to buy domestic instruments. The price must be more cost-effective, but according to our experience, domestic instruments are easy to go wrong after a period of time. Therefore, we would rather spend a little more money on imported instruments." A person engaged in scientific research said so. Presumably, this is also the common feeling of many instrument users in China

after years of development, China has established a relatively complete instrument and meter industry system, becoming the fourth largest instrument and meter producer in the world and the second largest in Asia. However, the feature of being big but not strong is very prominent, and on the whole, it is still at the middle and low end of the global value chain. Technically, domestic medium and low-grade instruments can replace most imported products, but there is still a big gap between the reliability index of high-grade instruments and imported instruments. How to produce instrument products with high quality, high reliability and high stability is a practical problem in front of China's instrument enterprises

in addition to introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, national policy support, enterprises strengthening scientific research investment and independent innovation, it is more important for instrument and meter enterprises to have "craftsman spirit". We all know that Germany and Japan are the countries with the most "craftsman spirit". Many of their enterprises are century old stores that produce certain products for a long time. Their workers have done a type of work for many generations, and their skills have been handed down from generation to generation. They like to constantly carve their own products with the hardness represented by the residual depth of indentation h, constantly improve their craft, and enjoy the process of sublimation of products in their hands. Therefore, machinery, electrical appliances, optics and other products from Germany and Japan are the most excellent products in the world. They can be used for 100 years at any time. "Made in Germany" and "made in Japan" have become synonyms for quality and reputation

after years of development, China's instrument industry has made considerable progress and accumulated sufficient production supply. However, when focusing on speed and efficiency, it is very necessary to formulate different protection and maintenance plans. In the face of a large number of opportunities, some instrument enterprises have become impatient, eager for quick success and instant benefit, and have lost the importance and guarantee of product quality. An era of quality first is coming. It is time for Chinese instrument and meter enterprises to slow down, calm down and strive to improve product quality. They need to constantly improve product quality through research and development, technological innovation and quality management, so as to better meet customer needs and build brand influence, all of which need the guidance of "craftsman spirit"

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