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Gaobao libida printing machine has attracted much attention in Malaysia. Recently, gaobao company held an open day activity in the new company located in Shuangwei Pesaro science and technology park outside Kuala Lumpur, and attracted representatives of more than 160 commercial and packaging printing enterprises in Malaysia. The company conducted a live demonstration of the six color gaobao rapida 75 printing machine with online coating unit at this demonstration

Stefan segger, general manager of gaobao Asia Pacific, is proud of the growth and market position of rapida sheet fed offset press in the Malaysian market

according to the introduction of gaobao company, this event is another on-site demonstration activity held by gaobao company after the successful circuit tour held in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta last November. If the experimental machine is made of different materials, the speed required is also different. The purpose of this event is to provide further support for the company's positive market strategy

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