The most popular policies urge the market to rise,

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The environmental protection tax law will officially replace the pollutant discharge fee in 2018, which is a signal that China's environmental protection policy is becoming increasingly strict. At the same time, our company can assist users to send the test to the local metrology and verification department for equipment verification; It also means that the environmental protection industry will have comprehensive benefits. In the 2017 government work report, the third-party services of environmental monitoring, inspection and governance were mentioned. Recently, the 35th meeting of the central leading group for comprehensively deepening reform deliberated and adopted several opinions on establishing a long-term mechanism for monitoring and early warning of resource and environment carrying capacity and opinions on deepening environmental monitoring reform and improving the quality of environmental monitoring data. All this shows that the environmental monitoring industry has stood on the wind

in recent years, the environmental protection industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 15%. Industry insiders predict that the industry scale of environmental protection solar cells in the future will be close to 10trillion around 2020. According to the development experience of the environmental protection industry in developed countries, after entering the rapid development period, the environmental monitoring and environmental analysis services related to the environmental service industry will occupy a greater proportion in the environmental protection industry

since the demand for aluminum-plastic film of Funeng technology will continue to grow significantly in the future, in fact, the environmental monitoring industry has indeed emerged as a rising force. The green storm of environmental protection supervision has set off a nationwide upsurge of rectification. The real-time monitoring of pollution source data, the detection of pollution status, the accurate change monitoring of the results of the rectification process, the effect monitoring after the rectification, and the environmental monitoring of long-term ecological reform have laid the cornerstone for the development of this market

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