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Ten brand ceramic tiles Yimeijia ceramic marble tiles in-depth visit

what is marble brick? What are the advantages and disadvantages of marble tiles? Today, Xiaobian will take you into Yimeijia ceramic marble tile factory to have an in-depth understanding of marble tiles

first of all, what is marble brick? Marble ceramic tile refers to a kind of ceramic tile products with natural marble lifelike texture, color and texture. It has the lifelike decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tiles, and discards all kinds of natural defects of natural marble. It is another new type of ceramic tiles after ceramic tiles, polished tiles, antique tiles and microcrystalline stone tiles

what's the difference between marble brick and natural marble? What's good? We decompose from several aspects; Color difference. Natural marble is deposited in the geological movement for hundreds of millions of years. The color difference is large, and it is difficult to find products with the same color for replenishment. Yimeijia ceramic marble bricks are produced in a standardized way. The same product can be free of color difference, and there will be inventory, so replenishment is very easy. Cracks, natural marble has natural color and beautiful texture, but it is easy to have cracks and defects, which will affect the overall aesthetics; The high-quality marble bricks produced by Yimeijia ceramics are pressed with top-level raw materials and equipment, with strict quality inspection, no cracking and deformation, and no defects

texture, natural marble texture is natural and transparent, with full color, high gloss, warm texture and delicate touch; The marble tiles produced by Yimeijia can realistically restore the texture and color texture of natural marble, and fully make the texture of marble tiles lifelike and natural through the unique concave convex glaze color technology

Zhaoqing Yimeijia Ceramics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, and has three production bases in Zhaoqing and Deqing, covering a total area of 650 mu. It has more than 10 world-class ceramic production lines, and introduces a full set of Spanish Sino printing machines and Italian scimi8800 large tonnage presses. The annual output reaches more than 40 million square meters. The enterprise has won many honors, such as "Chinese famous brand", "Chinese building materials industry famous brand", "Chinese environmental protection products", "ISO14001:2004 environmental management system", "Chinese engineering construction recommended products", "consumer most trusted brand", etc

as a brand positioning, Yimeijia ceramics adopts the world's top technology, 350 meter long new kiln and advanced automatic production line. Using advanced production technology and management mode at home and abroad, we stand out in the fierce market competition, develop and grow steadily, and our production and marketing capacity ranks in the forefront of the national building ceramics industry

the marble tiles manufactured by Yimeijia ceramics realize the color of natural marble through modern manufacturing technology?? Color and texture, in the decorative effect, it has reached the level of natural marble, but also has the superior practical performance of ceramic tiles. Different from the rigid texture of traditional tiles, Yimeijia marble tiles reference natural marble to realize the natural and continuous change of surface texture, and the decorative effect is more natural, atmospheric and luxurious under different combination paving methods. The decoration with marble can achieve the decorative effect of natural atmosphere, dignified and luxurious. Natural marble has many problems, such as large color difference, many defects, easy to seep, difficult to take care of, high price, unstable supply and long cycle. Yimeijia marble tile can not only avoid the above defects, but also pave the atmospheric effect of marble. It is especially suitable for high-end places such as star hotels, senior apartments and villas. The rich style and color types also make it also used for home decoration

appreciation of Yimeijia case

I believe that now, all owners have fully understood the advantages and disadvantages of marble bricks and natural marble, and can better choose whether to buy Marble bricks or natural marble for home decoration according to their own budget, Now let's take a look at the location of Yimeijia marble flagship store in Nanning:

Guangxi Yimeijia ceramic flagship store in Nanning:

Xiuxiang Avenue fast ring building materials market, building D2, floor 2

Sales Hotline: 0771-3959710 QQ: 2758949510

Xiuxiang Avenue, ASEAN International 3D Building Materials City, building 9, floor 1, No. 10

Sales Hotline: 0771-3380860





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