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On June 15, in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, in this hot season, the Yadan zero formaldehyde home shopping fair was officially opened at 1 p.m. in the local Jinxin hotel. In just a few hours, the number of orders signed was as high as 157, with sales of more than 3 million yuan

on June 15, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, in this hot season, the Yadan zero formaldehyde home shopping fair officially opened at 1 p.m. in the local Jinxin hotel. Senior leaders of Yadan wardrobe, such as the chairman of Yadan, senior colonel Zhang, the general manager, zhaoruihong, and the deputy director of marketing, Hu Haijun, all attended the event and celebrated the grand festival with thousands of Yuncheng consumers

the whole event continued at 6 p.m. and the enthusiasm of Yuncheng consumers was as high as the weather in June, which packed the whole venue. In just a few hours, the number of tickets signed was as high as 157, with sales of more than 3 million yuan. It is reported that until the end of the event, many consumers were reluctant to leave because they did not buy satisfactory products

why did a small rush purchase of Yadan wardrobe achieve such impressive sales performance? Is it an accident or an inevitable result

the scene of

behind the huge signing of bills reminds us of the domestic Internet mobile phone giants. Starting from Xiaomi, the online rush purchase mode has caused a chain effect, and major businesses have followed suit. Therefore, the word "rush purchase" has occupied the headlines of major media and earned enough attention. Why rob? Because of the high cost performance and the best things to buy with the least money, businesses seize the psychology of consumers and publicize the general trend with full gimmicks

such a rush buying frenzy has only occurred in the field of e-commerce, not in actual activities, and it is unheard of in the household industry. But this scene appeared in Yadan zero formaldehyde home shopping fair. Is Yadan also imitating the Internet giants to do rush shopping? In the interview, Yadan chairman Colonel Zhang denied this statement. He said, "we don't do gimmicks or false propaganda. We really give profits to consumers."

this performance page has refreshed the activity sales record of Yuncheng Yadan in the past three years. The reason why it has achieved so much is in the final analysis due to the strong support of Yadan wardrobe and its chairman, Colonel Zhang. Analyzing the reasons for the success of the rush buying meeting, it is not difficult to find the following points: first, the president signed to attract popularity. In recent years, in order to achieve promotion results, major companies in the same industry are conducting promotional activities, such as factory director quotation meetings, director signing meetings, etc. at the event site, the so-called factory directors and directors are not necessarily true factory directors and directors, even if they are true, they are not attractive enough. During the Yuncheng event, the president of Yadan, Colonel Zhang, took the chair in person, which not only gave consumers a glimpse of the president's style, but also made consumers feel the sincerity of Yadan's wardrobe, because it was not surprising that they rushed to buy and pay. Second, huge profits. Only by giving real profits to consumers can consumers be excited, otherwise it is useless to talk. In this activity in Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, Yadan company, in order to give back the support and love of Yuncheng consumption for many years, offered an ultra-low preferential price, plus discount, and the base price was sold, causing bursts of screams from on-site consumers. Third, rich gifts. There are brand LCD TVs, direct drive cars, washing machines, rice cookers, etc., and there are gifts to receive when signing in, which almost won't let consumers return empty handed. Fourth, excellent product quality. If the first three factors are external factors, Yadan products themselves are the most attractive to consumers. Advanced German imported equipment, excellent design technology, almost stringent production and manufacturing requirements and the pursuit of perfect product quality make Yadan products at the leading level of peers and widely loved by consumers

the birth of the brothers alliance

in fact, the great success of Yuncheng activity can not be separated from the organization and planner of this activity - Yadan brothers alliance, which is a group spontaneously formed by Yadan excellent dealers. In fact, they are a super think tank of 600 dealers in Yadan

as early as May 15, 2014, after many meetings, the brotherhood alliance was announced to be established in Xuchang, Henan Province, which was a major event of Yadan wardrobe in 2014. On May 15, a more important event in the history of Yadan is taking place. The foundation stone laying of Yadan Henan Branch marks the beginning of Yadan's northward expansion, which also means that Yadan will readjust the production and logistics layout in China. Is it a coincidence that two major events happen on the same day? Obviously not. After the launch of the grand strategy, activities are needed to implement it. The alliance meeting is established at this time, which is the right time

brother alliance, just like its name and brother, selflessly helps all dealers of Yadan to quickly establish a marketing team, improve the team's combat effectiveness and expand market channels. The main responsibility of the brotherhood alliance is to help dealers around the world organize and plan special events as the main line, train the employees of exclusive stores in product expertise, event planning, store layout, advertising strategies, community promotion methods, telemarketing scripts, SMS marketing scripts, market interception methods, network promotion modes, customer negotiation skills, order forming skills and other necessary expertise in the terminal market, as well as develop team incentive mechanisms Salary mechanism, assessment mechanism, etc

on May 24, the ninth day after the establishment of the brotherhood alliance, after discussion, it was decided that the first event would be held in Yuncheng, Shanxi, and officially launched on the same day. On May 26, the professional knowledge and sales script training of store staff would begin. May 31, Linfen, Gaoping, Shanxi; Xi'an, Weinan, Tongchuan, Shaanxi; Yadan dealers in Luoyang, Gongyi, Jiaozuo and other places in Henan Province rushed to Yuncheng from all directions and began to officially operate the rush purchase meeting. In order to ensure the perfect holding of the event, the alliance will formulate a morning meeting system, hold meetings every day, and communicate the problems encountered in the preparation process

there are 11 members of the alliance, who are divided into 4 groups according to their own strengths and clear division of labor. For example, Xia Yecun, a dealer in Lu'an Yadan, Anhui Province, is good at event planning and team building; Li Yongmei, a dealer in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, is good at event planning and store management; Wang Tao, a dealer in Xinxiang, Henan Province, is good at product expertise and afraid of training. Therefore, the three of them formed a team to be responsible for market research, activity plan planning, team expertise training, team incentive policy formulation, store layout, material design and advertising investment planning in the early stage of the event. Huaibei Yadan dingyadong is good at telemarketing and community promotion; Wuhan Yadan Wan Junbo is good at market interception and store marketing. The two of them form a team to be responsible for the formulation of community promotion, telemarketing, store order grabbing, market interception, network promotion and other programs, scripts, and specific implementation guidance and supervision in the middle and early stages of the event. Anhui Shucheng Yadan Li Daobao is good at telemarketing and negotiation; Hubei Xiangyang Yadan Liu Hu is good at store and telemarketing. The two of them form a team, which is responsible for continuing and optimizing the work in the medium-term and early stage, developing customer negotiation scripts and card selling scripts, and training and implementation. Urumqi Yadan Li Jingmei, Henan Jiyuan Yadan Guo Yuanfang, Shandong Jimo Yadan song Liran are all good at store marketing and signing orders; Shanxi Yuncheng Yadan jingjiangfeng is good at store management, team management and activity planning, so they form a group of four people to be responsible for the preparation and implementation of shop floor and sales promotion scripts, venue layout, meeting process formulation and implementation, etc

with the support of such a large team, it is difficult to make a thorough arrangement without success. In addition, the date of the birth of the alliance indicates that Yadan's marketing strategy has made a breakthrough development, and the new marketing strategy has really quietly begun

rapid development of Yadan

in March 2014, Yadan business conference was held in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, during which 20 excellent dealers from Yadan established Yadan business club. It aims to strengthen the communication and exchange between dealers, share successful marketing experience and share joy. Just two months later, the Brotherhood was founded. Why are organizations of similar nature established continuously in such a short time? "In recent years, the number of Yadan dealers has doubled and the team has expanded rapidly." Yadan chairman Zhang said

in fact, Guangzhou Yadan cabinet industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. With the maturity of the wardrobe Market, consumers gradually recognize the overall customized wardrobe. In the past three years, Yadan has entered a period of rapid development and made great achievements. On the one hand, the production scale has been expanding. At present, it has nearly 110000 square meters of garden factory buildings, and on the other hand, the sales volume and the scale of chain stores have doubled year by year, More than 600 franchise stores have been established in more than 400 cities across the country

in order to meet the growing needs of the distribution team, the foundation of Yadan Henan Branch was officially laid in May 2014, and the scale of the branch reached nearly 240000 square meters. When the branch was completed, the total plant area of Yadan could reach 350000 square meters, and the production capacity increased significantly. In addition to the grand plan of hundreds of cities and thousands of stores before Yadan, building branches and improving production capacity is undoubtedly one of the effective ways to solve the rapid growth of the dealer team. However, the expansion of the distribution team does not mean that the team is strong. Although some newly joined dealers have previously worked in the relevant building materials industry, it is still a new industry for the overall customized wardrobe industry. There are many questions about how to operate and how to set up a team. Under such circumstances, the fraternal alliance was established

from this, we can see that the success of Shanxi Yuncheng activity is the result of the development and growth of Yadan. The sales of more than 3 million yuan is not an occasional phenomenon, but the inevitable result of the development of Yadan wardrobe




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