To mother, you have a home

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No matter how high and how far you fly, you always miss the dishes you cook most. The most beautiful dishes are not delicacies, but the soup you cook for love

SUN: Daddy, I want to fly!

DAD: Then let’s fly away together, far far away,until we leave gravity far behindus.

SUN: Daddy……

DAD: Yes?

SUN: But we must be back for dinner, becauseMummy is cooking my favourite meal specially for me today!

child: Dad, I want to fly

Dad: then let's fly far and far together

child: Dad...

Dad: what's the matter...

child: but we have to go home before dinner, because mom made my favorite dish for me today

no matter how high and how far you fly

always miss your cooking

the most beautiful cuisine is not delicacies,

but the soup you cook for love


when we were young, our mother gave us "the warmth of home"

when we grow up, if you love her, let's buy a warm home for her

Armani orange

fashion light extravagance, let mom keep up with fashion

adopt Armani's popular lipstick color (Little Fatty 300) - Coral Orange as the main color, coupled with introverted and profound matte black as decoration, which not only has enthusiastic publicity, but also introverted calm, creating a fashionable light luxury style

Plato s

the combination of elegance and Avantgarde is mother's posture

the large area adopts Canadian Maple shadow gray, matched with the champagne gold craft lines spliced by hand, which has both quiet elegance and unrestrained avantgarde


warmth and romance coexist, and it is my mother's favorite

using imported wood grain rock plates, combined with circular arc operation Island, and continuing the French lifestyle, the kitchen is built into a fashionable space that integrates cooking functions and pleasure functions, warmth and romance coexist


luxury is very low-key, so that my mother is also luxurious

it adopts black walnut solid wood veneer imported from North America, inlaid with baking paint craft piano white decorative lines, which retains the calm and introverted furniture in North America, while integrating simple and fashionable modern elements. Luxury is very low-key


SenMei whole house high-end customization

to mothers all over the world

with you, there is a home

happy mother's Day

- have Mori beauty, home is more beautiful-




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