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In order to control family costs, most owners will choose to require to formulate a detailed decoration budget plan in the early stage of decoration, and the construction projects involved will be listed clearly one by one, which is conducive to avoiding disputes later and preventing overspending to a certain extent. Today, Wuhan Decoration network Xiaobian takes the 80 square meter small house type as an example to see how to formulate a reasonable 80 square meter decoration price budget according to the current decoration market in Wuhan

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[80 square meters of modern simple style decoration model room is as follows]

[80 square meters of decoration price budget list]

80 square meters of decoration budget name is as follows:

Project 1: basic engineering

shovel the wall (gypsum ash) 660.00

remove the wall and floor tiles 1488.00

wall blank base treatment 330.00

remove the brick wall (120 ㎜) 178.50

remove the original doors and windows and covers 110.00

partially remove the non load-bearing concrete wall 120.00

excavate the toilet of the old house 300.00

paint the hole, beam bottom and other parts after removing the wall 400.00





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