Let persistence achieve Centennial prosperity

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Lin Shuiqing, chairman of Guangzhou Shengyi door industry Co., Ltd., was interviewed by wooden door world. He said that he would use persistence to achieve "Centennial Jiasheng"

interview guests: Lin Shuiqing, chairman of Guangzhou Shengyi door industry Co., Ltd.

wooden door world: Hello, Mr. Lin. Could you briefly introduce the development of Jiasheng wooden door

director Lin: our Shengyi door industry was established in 2008. The factory is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. The enterprise has its own brand "Jiasheng wooden door". In order to meet the domestic and international market demand and the company's development needs, we have introduced a series of advanced machinery and equipment from Europe, Japan, Taiwan and other countries, and invested and built raw material factories in primitive forest areas such as Laos and Myanmar. In Shiji, Panyu District, Guangzhou, a 60 mu modern "Jiasheng wood door industry park" has been developed. The company has 800 skilled workers and various professionals, and 20 professional paint production lines and assembly lines. The high-grade natural raw wood doors we produce are all selected from top-grade precious wood species, using 100% pure ecological logs, which are the same inside and outside. After careful grinding, secondary constant temperature processing and other processes, the wooden doors are not easy to crack and deform; It can be used under different conditions of South and North temperature difference climate, and has strong practicability. "Jiasheng wooden door" brand only makes high-quality products with the highest cost performance. We fully implement the standardized process management mode, and have established distribution channels in more than 20 countries and regions around the world with top product quality, first-class after-sales service and good corporate reputation

wooden door world: Jiasheng wooden door has set the goal of "century Jiasheng", so what is the reason for the goal

director Lin: "hundred years" is not only a dimension of time, but also reflects the dreams, aspirations and determination inherited by entrepreneurs. Jiasheng wooden door sets a "century" goal, which requires not only the precipitation of time and the support of public praise, but also a long-term adherence. This is Jiasheng people's persistence and pursuit of the wooden door industry. Since its establishment in 2008, Jiasheng has been persistently studying product technology, making systematic product planning and standard customization. Every small step of its efforts has brought together a solid step in the development of "century Jiasheng"

wooden door world: brand is the soul of enterprise development, so what experience can Jiasheng wooden door have in brand construction

Mr. Lin: after hundreds of years of brand building, all of them have achieved remarkable results. The driving force behind the "century old brand" is to identify its own positioning and adhere to brand construction and improvement. The wooden door industry is highly competitive and changeable. Enterprises should have long-term strategies at the beginning of brand construction. The market and products are changing, but the brand positioning cannot be easily changed

Jiasheng wooden door always adheres to the positioning of "century Jiasheng" with a constant mentality of responding to changes. I believe that there is competition in the market, there will be development. Jiasheng will always adhere to its brand positioning, be down-to-earth, and in the face of the rapidly changing market, find a starting point, and continue to operate, so as to gain a firm foothold in the market. It is precisely because of Jiasheng's precise positioning that investment attraction can achieve greater success compared with its counterparts at home and abroad

wooden door world: facing the fierce market competition in the industry, what advantages can Jiasheng wooden door have to stand out

director Lin: details determine success or failure. The craftsman spirit of focusing on product quality is the core competitiveness of enterprises. Jiasheng wooden door's dedication and excellence have always been an important guarantee to obtain a good reputation from our customers, which will be one of the old and strong longevity genes of "century Jiasheng" in the future

Jiasheng wooden door focuses on the manufacturing of products. Whether it is the selection of raw materials, the production and packaging of products, or the acceptance and after-sales service of finished products, it reflects the dedicated and professional spirit of every employee. In addition, it can be invincible in the fierce market competition with its green, elegant, durable characteristics and distinctive personalized design. For example, we have broken through the technical bottleneck of the industry

wood door world: with the whole wood customization industry becoming more and more popular, how do you think of this industry

director Lin: whole wood customization will become a potential stock in the home decoration industry. The same material style, to solve the problem of unity in design, has been favored by more and more consumers, and will once again set off a new trend in the entire home decoration industry

customization is a "sweet cake". Many wooden door enterprises have plans to carry out transformation and upgrading, and Jiasheng is no exception. Jiasheng wooden door's whole house customization plan has been launched as early as two years ago, and has become an important direction of investment and development. Now it has gradually entered a mature period. Follow the trend of the market and follow the trend. I believe that whole house customization will become an important part of the process of shaping "Centennial Jiasheng"




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