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Rongshida "simple love" cabinet new products landing Rongshida wechat mall! Now pick up your mobile phone, scan the QR code, book and pay the deposit on the wechat mall, and customize the cabinet in the terminal store, which can also offset 1000 yuan

nowadays, the pace of modern life is faster and faster, and leisure time at home is more important. Owning a simple and comfortable home has become the aspiration of every urbanite

white symbolizes purity and brings a bright and transparent feeling to the indoor space. For the kitchen space, white is the most responsible choice. If your eyes have been used to aesthetic fatigue by the bright color kitchen, or because you don't know how to decorate the kitchen, you might as well refer to the white fashionable simple cabinet recommended by today's Xiaobian for you. After having it, you will fall in love with the kitchen

a simple blister cabinet - simple love, is the love that Rongshida carefully conveys to everyone

3m blister floor cabinet, 1m grid glass hanging cabinet, 3M quartz stone table top, equipped with water basin and lead-free faucet, and luxury smoke stove set meal, the retail price is only 8888 yuan. Chinese white cabinet with European minimalist design extends the sense of kitchen space; Various shapes, delicate and delicate lines, very three-dimensional; Scientific and humanized design, convenient operation, speed up the kitchen operation; Simple ・ love cabinet adopts vacuum plastic absorption and formaldehyde reduction to treat the board, so that users can experience the ecological kitchen

in addition, Rongshida wechat mall has officially opened a new product appointment - simple love blister cabinet. If you make an appointment in wechat mall and order successfully, and pay a deposit of 900 yuan, you can also use 1000 yuan to customize the cabinet in the terminal store

in addition, some relatives asked me some questions about the customization of this cabinet and the ruler on wechat. Please remember to send your contact information and address to me. The intimate editor will be patient to answer for you

the reservation method is as follows:

Step 1: scan the QR code of Rongshida wechat mall and follow it to enter the main interface

Step 2: click on the rongzhicheng column to obtain the new product reservation column

Step 3: Click to enter the new product reservation column

Step 4: select goods, click to buy now

Step 5: enter contact information, receiving address, and submit an order, You can complete the appointment by paying the advance payment

Rongshida wechat mall has opened new product appointment, and multiple discounts are available! If you want a simple and comfortable home life, pick up your mobile phone and make an appointment





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