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Living room decoration has always been a key decoration area. Today, we start from the comfort of home life after decoration to check the most common mistakes in living room decoration. Let's see if you have been hit

living room decoration has always been a key decoration area. Today, starting from the comfort of home life after decoration, we check the most common mistakes in living room decoration for you. Let's see if you have been hit

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decoration misunderstanding ・ porch decoration complication

porch is either connected to the door and living room, or connected to the dining room and living room. Therefore, many users attach great importance to the decoration and beauty of the porch, but the design is too complex, which is not conducive to daily cleaning, affects the display effect of the living room, and will be greatly reduced in practicality

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the living room is planned to be within the moving line

the so-called living room is within the moving line, which means that some spaces of the home need to pass through the living room, and there are many walks, such as having to pass through the living room to the dining room kitchen, etc. The living room is a place where people gather and thrive. It should be stable and set in the moving line of the channel, which is easy to cause family gatherings or guest visits to be disturbed

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partition design living room TV wall

a very personalized TV background wall can certainly highlight the owner's distinctive taste, but as an important living place, the living room TV background wall is actually not suitable for segmentation, with sharp corners and prominent design. Of course, the popular customized storage background wall is also a good choice at present, which is intended to make up for the lack of storage space in the living room

the living room is the facade of the home, which is the most used space for family and friends' gatherings or family daily life. Comfort and convenience should be the most important function of the living room. When decorating, avoid some unnecessary misunderstandings, so as to reduce trouble and inconvenience for future life

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