Demag V-type crane wins the red dot design award

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Further peak: Demag v-crane won the red dot design award

further peak: Demag v-crane won the red dot design award

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on March 30, 2015, Demag v-crane won one of the most important and authoritative Awards of global product design in Weite, Germany - Red Dot Design Award: 2015 product design award. The international jury, composed of designers and design professors from 25 countries, awarded the red dot award to Demag's innovative crane girder, affirming its extraordinary design quality in the category of mechanical products. Demag V-shaped crane is typically characterized by a V-shaped structure, which is composed of a vertical strut and a conical bulkhead joint. According to the principle of bionics, based on the honeycomb structure of bones, materials are used only where necessary in the principle of not wasting a little bit

won one of the most important awards for product design. The unique crane girder design was favored by international judges and won another award in the short term.

this year's selection coincided with the 60th anniversary of the red dot competition. A total of more than 5000 products from 56 countries competed for the "red dot award: Product Design Award". As an award-winning product, Demag v-crane will be exhibited at the special exhibition of the red dot design museum in Essen, Germany, from June 29 to July 26, 2015, and will be a permanent exhibit of the museum in the next few months

this is the second design award of DEMAG v-crane this year after the sample reaches the specified deformation. At present, the product is in the process of patent application. In early February, the V-shaped crane has won the prestigious if design award. "We are very proud that Demag V-shaped crane is once again favored by the top design judges," Andreas hambrock, head of the general crane business product line of Torres material handling division, said during the mechanical property experiment of the material. "Our V-shaped design has a clear vision and conforms to the dynamic principle. This unique main beam meets all the requirements of first-class design."

compared with the traditional crane with closed box girder or I-beam girder, V-shaped crane has obvious technical advantages: its innovative structure reduces the vibration frequency by 30%, reduces the average weight by 17%, doubles the service life, and reaches more than 500000 load cycles. Therefore, this new type of girder can significantly improve the efficiency of load handling "because it has really reached an impassable historical threshold" and achieve a higher handling speed

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