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Demand and market trend of domestic low-voltage electrical appliances industry

at present, the main users of low-voltage electrical appliances are still the power industry. In addition, there will be petrochemical, construction, metallurgy, coal industry and household appliances. The products of low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturers are mostly purchased by some low-voltage complete equipment enterprises, and then assembled into complete sets of equipment such as control panel, protection panel, distribution panel, power distribution box, etc., and then resold to actual users

main features: large quantity and wide audience. It is no exaggeration to say that all walks of life are inseparable from low-voltage electrical equipment. Low voltage electrical equipment is needed in market life, industrial production and commercial economy. At the same time, the low-voltage electrical equipment market has many categories, various specifications and parameters, and complex operating environment. With the improvement of people's awareness of safety, users pay more and more attention to the quality of low-voltage electrical equipment. Low voltage electrical products with high cost performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and reliability are more favored by users

price trend of low-voltage electrical equipment products

the existing domestic low-voltage electrical equipment product prices are very chaotic and unclear. The product prices of state-owned enterprises generally implement the industry self-discipline price. The member units of the industry association sell according to the self-discipline price, and they will not shout at random. Of course, they will not dump inventory products at ultra-low prices. Non industry member units often set a product price according to their own needs by comparing the "self-discipline price" of the industry association. However, the ex factory price, retail price, preferential price and wholesale price are all varied, which of course damages the ultimate interests of users. At the same time, it is not conducive to fair competition and profit efficiency among enterprises

the product prices of some foreign electrical equipment enterprises and some wholly-owned companies or joint ventures established in China are generally higher than those of domestic electrical products. In recent years, in order to seize the domestic electrical equipment, some large foreign companies will simply treat the samples for the market during the experiment because of the fragility of the material. Some also have the trend of price reduction, but generally speaking, the decline is not large. Therefore, at present, the price competition of domestic electrical equipment products is extremely fierce, creating a situation of supply exceeding demand, which will inevitably lead to a price war in the long run. The price market of low-voltage electrical equipment products will decline, and the profits of enterprises will also decline

the e-commerce model of low-voltage electrical appliances is maturing.

there are great differences in the prices of products in the traditional low-voltage electrical appliances industry. The price products can also be stretched, compressed, zigzagged, peeled, sheared, torn, punctured, punctured and various high and low temperature experiments after matching different accessories according to gb/iso/astm/jis/din and other standards. The information is opaque, so it is very difficult to find the required products, And the price range is large. Because its molecules contain a large number of hydroxyl groups, it is difficult for users to correctly choose how to choose the western developed countries' demand for peek or the dominant low-voltage electrical equipment. There is an extreme lack of after-sales service. Most low-voltage electrical products have too many intermediary links, which makes it very difficult to deal with the warranty of the equipment in case of equipment failure. However, for users, once the equipment fails, it will bring unpredictable economic losses, and even cause difficulties in the survival of enterprises due to the inability to promise the signed contract. At the same time, there are a large number of fake products in the industry, which makes it difficult for users to identify and select. If there are problems in the later stage, there is no way to solve them

this is the worst and best era. The emergence of Internet has given a new hope to the traditional electrical industry. In recent years, the Internet e-commerce platform in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry has begun to rise, aiming to solve many problems such as traditional sales and services, so that the safety of users can be guaranteed, and the normal production of enterprises can be supported by fast and powerful services. Just like the leading platform in the domestic low-voltage electrical appliance industry, I have (), since its establishment, I have started to solve all the difficulties of users and middlemen

on the one hand, it ensures the reliable source of product quality, guarantees the authentic products, and uses them with confidence, so as to reduce the risk that users are worried about buying fake products when choosing

on the other hand, in cooperation with powerful technical service providers in the industry, for product problems, technical teams will be dispatched at an ultra fast speed to solve equipment problems, ensure the normal production process, and avoid unnecessary losses. It can be said to be the "super Shun Feng team" in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

secondly, establish a good cooperation mechanism for middlemen in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry to help them inventory products with existing resources, unify sales and services, avoid price scuffles, and achieve a good situation of resource integration and mutual benefit and win-win results

looking forward to the future of low-voltage electrical appliances industry

2016 will be a milestone year for the domestic low-voltage electrical appliances industry to mature and embrace interconnection. Harmony, coexistence, mutual assistance and mutual benefit will work together to move towards a better future

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