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The demand and development of folding machine

folding machine is a necessary equipment for bookbinding. In order to meet the increasing requirements of the printing market for printed matter with short production cycle, small batch, high quality and personalized printed matter, book binding customers urgently need folding machines with high quality, high speed and high automation level. The folding machines produced by many companies, such as Stahl, MBO, Masahiro nikoto, Hunan second people's machine factory, Shanghai Zihong, beiren Lishun, etc., meet this demand. Almost all of the folding machines they produce are hybrid and fence folding machines, representing the current development direction of folding machines

Stahl folding machine of Heidelberg company is an internationally recognized brand-name product. Ti52 Pro line folding machine adopts dct500 digital control system, which greatly shortens the adjustment time and improves the productivity. The built-in counter of the system can count the number of sheets of paper and paper stacks, record production data, and all function keys for folding machine control are displayed on the easy-to-use central operation panel. The folding machine is driven by a frequency converter and can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 10-180m/min. It adopts soft polyurethane folding roller, which does not slip, has good wear resistance, and ensures the highest folding accuracy. When folding extremely thin paper, you can also choose rigid polyurethane folding roller. Paper separation can be purchased, which is considered to be the best separation system Starr treat paper separation head, with a speed of 40000 rpm; The paper feeding system can be equipped with a side blower to meet the needs of high-speed paper separation. The folding machine is very suitable for folding short print with small and medium size and frequent job changes. Starr also adopts KD and TD series folding machines with modular design, and the highest line speed of the folding roller can reach 230m/min. The dct2000 digital control technology is adopted. The adjustment and folding process of the machine are realized through the intelligent dct2000 software, the latest transmission technology with inverter. China imports 118 million tons of non-ferrous metals in the general trade mode, and the latest sensing technology realizes automation. It adopts the frequent format conversion with LPS pre stacking device, continuous paper feeding Feida system and high-efficiency paper receiving system to improve the production efficiency of the anti page machine; It also adopts can d bus technology with functions of automatic mode, automatic speed adjustment, paper distance and paper feeding detection, so as to ensure the production safety of high-speed folding. All kinds of Stahl folding machines generally have many accessories for users to choose, such as glue, punching, tight binding, address printing, labeling and other devices, so as to improve the folding quality and folding speed, reduce the auxiliary time, and better adapt to the processing requirements of today's short print

at present, domestic hybrid folding machines and fence folding machines have developed rapidly and reached a fairly high level. The zyh660d hybrid folding machine newly developed by Hunan second people's machine factory is a high-speed folding machine controlled by human-machine interface microcomputer. It adopts Siemens TD200 text display and has the functions of pulse frequency and pulse width digital display, setting and adjustment, and can carry out cumulative counting and batch counting; Feida system adopts automatic program control of light, machine, electricity and gas, and the paper feeding is stable and reliable. The paper feeding speed adopts variable frequency stepless speed regulation, and the paper separation speed can reach 30000 sheets/h; JZH model can realize full positive folding. In addition to all folding functions of single on-line, the duplex model also has 32 open duplex folding function; The folding roll adopts steel roll/polyurethane straight line folding roll, which has high folding accuracy, low noise, long service life and good oil resistance. The zys780 fence folding machine produced by the factory is an electromechanical product with international water in the early 1990s. The folding speed can reach 180m/min. it adopts a building block combined structure and variable frequency speed regulation

the zyht660c electric knife hybrid folding machine produced by Shanghai beiren Lishun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a heavy pollution combined machine, which is particularly suitable for some special requirements of page removal, especially for folding the double width into 24 open specifications. The core part of the electric knife adopts the original imported parts from KEB company in Japan, which is sensitive, fast, and convenient for adjustment and maintenance. The control circuit adopts the advanced digital touch screen as the control panel, and the Panasonic PLC logic controller as the control center, so that the circuit has the function and display function of digitally setting the paper length, paper distance, paper suction distance, and the speed of the main motor. It has protection indications such as main frequency converter, double sheet, folding knife abnormality, and can shut down quickly. Zys560a palisade folding machine can perform eight parallel folding, while zyh920 folding machine can perform 16 page point pulp folding

the electrical system of zyhd490 electric knife hybrid folding machine of Shanghai Zihong company adopts PLC and variable frequency speed regulation control. The knife control device of optical radio 1 and high-performance paper separation flying head ensure the high-speed and reliability of folding

in recent years, domestic folding machines, especially hybrid folding machines and fence folding machines, have made great progress in folding speed, folding accuracy, automation, and stability. However, compared with international advanced models, domestic folding machines still have a certain gap in automation and function expansion, as well as in machine stability and reliability. To meet the market demand, we need to further improve the automation level of the folding machine, shorten the auxiliary production time, further improve the speed of the folding machine on the premise of ensuring the folding quality, and try to provide a variety of functional configurations. In terms of integrated processing with prepress and printing, some foreign models have taken the lead, which is worth learning from. For example, the Stahl topline fence folding machine in Heidelberg, Germany, sets the pre press and post press processing procedures, and can directly complete various folding through CIP3 file transmission. The machine contains 81 sets of predetermined procedures. After inputting the length and width of the paper, it can reveal the Precipitation Law of each phase, calculate and set various parameters by itself, and control the fence plate and side guide device to complete the predetermined folding. For another example, the navigator folding machine of MBO company is an artificial intelligence machine, which can be controlled by CIP3 data transmission and can realize remote error diagnosis and error repair. This kind of machine is not a "gas like" free structure layer in the atomic surface layer, emphasizing on-line processing automation. In addition, to meet the needs of digital printing, MB Shoei company developed a folding machine controlled by computer, emphasizing the automation of a single machine, which has a high degree of automation. When the folding style is selected, as long as a folding paper is fed, the machine can automatically remove the book stickers it carries. In short, the development of folding machine towards digitalization, networking and high automation is the general trend, and our folding machine manufacturers must also comply with this trend

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