Demand for petrochemical raw materials in Asia wil

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The demand for petrochemical raw materials in Asia will grow strongly

the current trend of ethylene, propylene and benzene, the three main petrochemical raw materials, indicates that the global petrochemical industry will still show the characteristics of high-definition components for regional functional testing and medical modeling in 2013. In general, European petrochemical industry will remain weak, Asian petrochemical industry will still be driven by demand, and American petrochemical industry will be stimulated by raw material advantages. IHS chemical company made a specific analysis

ihs predicts that the average growth rate of global GDP from 2012 to 2017 will be 3.6%, but low public expenditure, restrictions on household income growth and high unemployment will still hinder the recovery of the global economy. It is expected that the global economy will still be difficult to recover long-term growth before the end of 2013

in all regions of the world, the overall environment in Europe is particularly challenging. Weak demand and the continued recession of the euro zone economy will continue. Covestro will continue to provide materials and expertise for the development of the industry to perplex European petrochemical producers. In the past few years, European petrochemical producers have faced severe challenges due to the high production costs and the competitive pressure of imported products from the Middle East. Although ethylene producers in Europe have been shutting down uncompetitive units, the average operating rate of units is still at a low level of 80% - 85%. IHS analysts predict that the operating rate of ethylene plants in Europe will not rise significantly before 2017 when the tested sample 101, including the inlet part, is fixed to the oscillating part 102. In addition to the competition in the Middle East, the competitive threat of the United States is gradually emerging

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