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Demand and pain points of intelligent transportation industry

from the perspective of national policies in the past two years, the national support and guidance for the intelligent transportation industry is significant. First of all, the fundamental policy to promote the sustainable development of the intelligent transportation industry is the national development strategy of continuously promoting urbanization, which plays a fundamental role in maintaining a huge demand situation for transportation by using intelligent products with great market potential; Secondly, data openness and Internet + play a crucial catalytic role in industry restructuring and even reshuffle. Third, PPP policy guidance may guide social capital to have a significant impact on the emergence of intelligent transportation industry giants

at present, the development of intelligent transportation industry is relatively slow, and the promotion of national policies has not played a significant role. What are the needs of intelligent transportation development? Where are the pain points restricting its development

from the perspective of traditional business areas, at present, the largest demand for intelligent transportation is public transportation and parking services. The common problem in most cities in China is that they rely too much on self drive travel, and the proportion of bus travel has increased by about 25%. In the face of the very limited allocation space of urban transportation resource supply, developing public transportation and improving group travel efficiency is one of the key directions to optimize the transportation system. On the other hand, the contradiction of parking service in the city is another pain point of urban traffic management. Integrating parking resources, improving parking service level and optimizing the utilization efficiency of parking resources must be another key direction of optimizing the transportation system

from the perspective of information technology, the following three aspects are also urgent needs in the field of intelligent transportation. First, integrate transportation big data to build a comprehensive transportation information center, improve the decision-making ability of government functional departments based on data intelligence and system intelligence, and provide information sharing services for social needs; Second, build a comprehensive transportation collaborative management and control platform, and give full play to the management and control effect of up-down linkage and left-right coordination between functional departments; Third, facing the public, provide traffic information services closer to car life, and further give play to the advantages of traffic information services in solving traffic difficulties

however, there must be deep-rooted reasons for the urgency and long-term existence of various needs. In the whole traffic ecological chain, the biggest pain point is that the traffic management system has not been completed, which is reflected in: Mastering the traffic data in the hands of functional departments can not be opened in an orderly manner, Varasok, regional integrated transportation coordination, said: "Previous research can only show the superior mechanical properties of graphene at the micro scale, and it is difficult to perform in the absence of system. The second pain point is that the big data development and sharing technology model has not yet formed a consensus, and the promotion and implementation need to be explored in practice. Therefore, in terms of intelligent transportation in the vertical industry of IOT, the function of the government will play a greater role. Of course, this is inseparable from the support of enterprise technology and products, and the coordination of mass travel. I believe, With the cooperation of the government, enterprises and the masses, China's intelligent transportation industry will have a greater breakthrough, and the travel of the masses will be more comfortable. How much do you know about the maintenance and technical data of the biaxial impact machine? It's comfortable and convenient

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