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Demand analysis and prediction of plastic pipes in Europe

in recent years, plastic pipes have been more and more widely used in various fields. Compared with aluminum, concrete, iron, copper, steel and other materials, plastics have important advantages: light weight, good corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and easy installation (such as installation without slotting). These advantages promote the demand for plastic pipes in all walks of life

at present, plastic pipes are mainly used in sewer, drinking water supply, gas supply, cable protection and industrial and agricultural fields. As plastics gradually replace other materials and become the choice of more application fields, the future demand for plastic pipes will also increase significantly. According to the market research organization, ceresana estimated that the total sales of plastic pipes in Europe would reach 12.7 billion euros in 2020 after the Ministry of Public Security issued document No. 65 revoking the wall external insulation materials and no longer forcing the use of class a external insulation materials

multifunctional advantages of plastic pipes

the application fields of plastic pipes of different materials are also different. Pipes made of PVC are relatively cheap and are widely used in the fields of sewers, drinking water supply and cable protection. The pipes made of PP and PE have challenged PVC pipes in the field of drinking water. In addition, they have also begun to occupy a considerable market share in the field of gas supply and industry

in the next few years, the raw materials for manufacturing pipelines will be further extended to polybutylene, PA and ABS. According to ceresana analysts, the demand for these materials in Europe will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 2.7% in the next eight years. The pipes made from these materials will be used in special fields, such as cooling ceilings, compressed air systems, heating devices, and the construction of cars and ships

poor demand in the construction industry, substitution creates benefits

Germany is the most important sales market of plastic pipes in Europe, and its consumption accounted for 13.5% of the total consumption in Europe in 2012. Russia ranked second, followed by Turkey, France and Italy. In the past, many important sales markets of plastic pipes developed rapidly, and many Eastern European countries could benefit from it. But now, the construction industry in European countries is stagnant, and replacing other products has become a profitable way for plastic pipe manufacturers. For example, plastic pipes are used to replace metal or concrete pipes, because plastic has better performance and more processing methods can be selected. In addition, the rising prices of steel, copper and other raw materials have also created important positive opportunities for plastics

different demands for plastic pipes in different regions of Europe

the Western European market is relatively saturated, and the demand for PP, PE and other high-quality pipes will continue to rise, but the growth rate of demand for PVC pipes will be quite flat. Before the economic crisis, the demand for plastic pipes in the construction industry in Western Europe hit a record, but this phenomenon will no longer exist. The development prospects of some countries are optimistic, such as Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. However, many countries in southern Europe are unlikely to recover in the short term, such as Greece and Spain

compared with Western Europe, the demand growth rate of PVC pipes in Eastern Europe is relatively high. According to ceresana analysts, the demand growth rate of PVC pipes will be greatly promoted in the field of sewer and drinking water supply. The products of most enterprises in Russia are concentrated in low-end markets, and Sri Lanka and Turkey will be the most important growth markets

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