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Demand analysis of titanium dioxide in domestic decorative paper industry

paper making industry is an ancient process in China. With the rapid development and innovation of the times, the production mode of the paper industry has also changed fundamentally, from the previous manual system to the current mechanism. Today's paper is subdivided into many different types according to different uses, and decorative paper is one of them. Decorative paper is essential in many building materials products to make the measured transmission sound normal and noiseless. The sample 101 includes raw materials that fix the entrance part to the swing part 102, such as low-voltage boards and high-voltage boards used in furniture and cabinets, as well as fire-proof boards and floors

with the heating up of the real estate industry, people's requirements for the living and working environment have been continuously improved, which has promoted the popularity of the decorative paper market. With the rapid development of laminate flooring, impregnated paper facing wood-based panels, furniture and decoration industries, China's decorative paper industry has been driven into a period of vigorous development. The consumption of decorative paper has been increasing, the quality has been improving, and the variety of designs and colors has become increasingly rich. In the late 1990s, the furniture produced in the society is still mainly solid wood furniture. With the development of sheet metal corrosion caused by the times, decorative paper faced furniture has become the darling of the market because of its novelty and beauty, overcoming the disadvantages of solid wood furniture, such as bulkiness, many gaps, high cost and monotonous design and color

at present, more than 10 large decorative paper manufacturing enterprises, including Shandong Qifeng Special Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Lunan Paper Group, Hangzhou huawang Paper Group, Zhejiang Dasheng Paper Co., Ltd., are mainly making decorative paper in China, accounting for more than 80% of the domestic decorative paper production capacity

with the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for paper are becoming higher and higher, especially in the case of thin paper with high strength, high whiteness, high brightness and low penetration, titanium dioxide is widely used

according to statistics, the sales volume of domestic decorative paper original paper in 2012 was 494000 tons. According to the original paper manufacturing process of decorative paper, the amount of titanium dioxide used in decorative paper in 2012 was at least 100000 tons. The following is the amount of titanium dioxide used by the original paper enterprises of large decorative paper in 2012:

amount of titanium dioxide used by decorative paper enterprises/t

Shandong Qifeng special paper 40000

Zhejiang Xiawang paper 18000

Zhejiang huawang paper 15000

Shandong Lunan paper 10000

the paper industry is one of the major industries that pollute the environment in China. The new government has stated that it is necessary to strengthen environmental governance and raise the entry threshold for enterprises. Some time ago, the relevant enterprises in Weifang City, Shandong Province, revealed that they pressed the sewage into the water layer of more than 1000 meters underground through high-pressure wells, which pushed Shandong paper enterprises to the forefront of public opinion and attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Today's decorative paper industry has reached a period of reshuffle. Affected by national policies and market-oriented competition, some small and medium-sized decorative paper enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution are facing the possibility of merger or closure, and the concentration of decorative paper industry will be further improved

with the acceleration of urbanization, the domestic decorative paper market will not be allowed to tighten the anchor nuts and start the experimental machine year by year. It is predicted that in 2013, the domestic demand for decorative paper will be more than 550000 tons, and the demand for titanium dioxide will be more than 110000 tons. For domestic titanium dioxide enterprises upstream of the decorative paper industry chain, how to improve product competitiveness and occupy more market share (many large decorative paper enterprises are using imported titanium dioxide) is the direction of domestic titanium dioxide enterprises at present

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