Demand for commercial paper and printing in the ho

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Demand for commercial paper and printing in the UK will decline

recently, a British company specializing in market research released the latest research report. According to the report data, between 2008 and 2020, the demand for paper will fall by 56%, and the demand for commercial paper and printing will also fall by 45.5%

this research report, sponsored by Sun Chemical and Australian Paper Company paperlinx, predicts that the final total market demand will decrease by 32.5% in 2020, corresponding to the figures in the early 1990s

due to the impact of online publishing and advertising, coupled with the impact of digital media, the demand for magazines is also expected to decline by 32%

Richard Harris, the chief consultant of pulp and paper of NLK alliance and the author of the report, said at the meeting that these have sounded an alarm for us, and we cannot ignore the current problems. Many companies have to reconsider their position. One of the purposes of this ADDC report is to arouse everyone's discussion and hope that the opposite event will happen

however, when Harris expressed pessimism, he also said that the paper, printing and publishing industries still have enough time to fight back

at the same time, in the field of printing technology, the report shows that the market share of digital printing will further expand

as far as paper manufacturers are concerned, new products will continue to flow into the market, such as intelligent RFID with a Brinell hardness value of 120n/mm2 (MPA) measured by pluggable holding for 30s (seconds), and the continuous birth of special printing and comprehensive technology products

Harris continued: the advertising industry and commercial printing industry will perform best in the market, and their demand is expected to decline by only 14.5%

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