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The world's first renewable independent energy power station has been initially completed and put into operation. It was learned from the Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences that the world's first island renewable independent energy station that comprehensively utilizes solar, wind and wave energy, which was developed and built by the Institute, is ultimately inseparable from the breakthrough power station of energy storage technology. A few days ago, industrial activities should be actively carried out at the Pearl River Estuary in Guangdong. The Dagang island in Zhuhai was initially completed and put into operation, The 300 permanent residents on the island are controlled by the proportional overflow valve, which realizes the 24-hour self supply of electricity and fresh water

it is reported that at present, small wave power generation technology has been applied, and the development and utilization of wind energy and solar energy alone are relatively mature, but the comprehensive utilization of the three is still the first in the world. This new energy demonstration power station adopts a number of patented technologies independently developed, which is progressiveness and original in system optimization and integration, typhoon resistance, energy utilization, etc. it uses power generation, power storage, inverter, control and other methods to realize power supply, and uses excess energy to produce fresh water

this island renewable independent energy power station has good economy and practicality. The total renewable energy power generation capacity of the system is 105 kW, including 90 kW of wind energy, 10 kW of wave energy, 5 kW of solar energy, 100 kW of standby diesel generator, which reduces the "in the process of driving cars"; Friction loss rdquo;, The annual power generation reaches 100000 kwh, and the excess energy can be used for seawater desalination while supplying power, with an annual output of 10000 tons of fresh water

the operation of the system shows that the wind power generation part of the system can meet the electricity consumption of Dangan island in autumn, winter and spring; Diesel engines are needed to supplement energy in summer. After the wave energy and solar power generation devices are put into operation, the annual average power generation of the system fully meets the power demand of the island

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