Analysis of the hottest chemical market this week

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This week's chemical market analysis and next week's forecast

1, international market

a, toluene, xylene, pure benzene

pure benzene: this week, due to the impact of crude oil price volatility and weak downstream demand, the spot price of pure benzene fell by $20/ton to $925/ton this week (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 9343/ton)

toluene: driven by the rise in oil prices at the beginning and middle of this week, the spot price closed up by $25/ton to $940/ton (FOB South Korea, equivalent to RMB 9242/ton). In the later stage, affected by the fall in oil prices, the spot price fell by $15/ton to $925/ton (FOB South Korea, and compared with plastic products of agricultural, construction, packaging and other categories, equivalent to 9343 yuan/ton)

solvent xylene: due to tight resources and increased downstream demand, the spot price of solvent xylene increased by $10/ton to $1005/ton this week (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 10100/ton)

b, styrene: affected by sluggish demand and repeated fluctuations in raw material prices, the spot price of styrene fell by $11/ton to $1199/ton this week (FOB Korea, equivalent to RMB 12002/ton)

c, ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol: ethylene glycol: the speculative speculation of traders and the shortage of major suppliers led to the MEG spot price rising by $25/ton to $945/ton (CFR China main port, equivalent to RMB 9545/ton)

diethylene glycol: driven by tight resource supply and the strength of the Chinese market, the spot price of diethylene glycol closed up $60/ton to $9191/ton this week (CFR China main port, equivalent to RMB 9191/ton)

one week trend chart of international liquid chemical market

2. Domestic market

(1) one week market analysis

a, pure benzene, toluene, xylene: subject to the restrictions of transportation and precursor registration certificates, the pressure of falling external market prices, as well as the strong impact of traders and downstream manufacturers' intention to leave the market and wait-and-see, the toluene Market in East and South China was flat this week, and the price continued to fluctuate slightly, with a low price of 50 yuan/ton; The price of xylene in East China and South China rose by 100 yuan/ton due to less resources and stable downstream demand. At present, the market prices in East China and South China are respectively: 875. The review of the feasibility report of the project has been completed. 0 East China -9100 South China (toluene); 10100 South China -10200 East China (xylene), taking into account the planned ports and port industrial parks, transactions are becoming more active; The market price of pure benzene oscillated due to the impact of sluggish demand and the decline of the outer disk, with a price of 7750 (South China) -7800 (East China) yuan/ton

b, styrene: supported by the new start-up of Guangzhou petrochemical, the reduction of resources and the substantial price increase of Guangzhou Branch, the market negotiation atmosphere in South China improved slightly, and the price rose steadily by 200 yuan/ton, yuan/ton; The price in East China increased by 100 yuan/ton due to the limited resources and flat downstream demand. In yuan/ton,

C, ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol: driven by the rising external price and the strengthening downstream demand, as well as the strong reluctance of traders to sell, the ethylene glycol market in East and South China continued to rise steadily by yuan/ton this week. In yuan/ton (South China) and yuan/ton (East China), The transaction was weak due to the cautious purchase of end users and the high resistance of traders. This week, the market price of diethylene glycol in East and South China rose by 500 yuan/ton to (South China) and (East China) due to the rise in the price of foreign markets, domestic petrochemical enterprises and the reduction of resources



ethylene glycol

diethylene glycol



pure benzene

South China

East China

in the past, it was difficult to find the government 00

one week domestic market transaction price of liquid chemical products in different regions (unit: yuan/ton, canning price)

transaction price trend chart of liquid chemical products market in some regions of China (unit: yuan/ton)

(2) market forecast for next week:

A, toluene, xylene, pure benzene Market: affected by repeated fluctuations in the price of external market and crude oil and weak downstream demand, at the same time, downstream manufacturers and traders are cautious in purchasing and high-level resistance, as well as the impact of transportation licenses and precursor filing certificates, toluene, xylene and pure benzene in South China this week The pure benzene market continues the bear trend of last week. At present, the market transaction atmosphere is still weak, and the price oscillation is lower. Considering that there are many toluene and pure benzene resources and weak demand at present, domestic petrochemical enterprises have high inventory pressure, and the negative impact of frequent changes in the external market, there is still room for decline; Xylene resources are scarce and the external price continues to rise. Therefore, toluene and pure benzene will vibrate and consolidate slightly next week; Xylene is stable at high level

b, Styrene Market: this week, the market was weak due to the resistance of downstream manufacturers to high prices and the cautious receipt of traders, as well as the impact of repeated fluctuations in crude oil and external prices. The price oscillated. Among them, the market price in South China rose too fast due to the overhaul of Guangzhou Petrochemical last week, which was resisted by downstream manufacturers and traders. The upward trend was large, and the resistance to further rise in the future market would be greater, mainly high-level consolidation; East China is relatively weak, and there is a greater opportunity for the aftermarket to make up for the rise

c, ethylene glycol market, diethylene glycol Market: Recently, the market price of ethylene glycol has risen steadily and slightly due to the higher external market and less resources, as well as the support of traders' increased reluctance to sell. Considering the recent tight supply of domestic resources and the warmer demand of downstream PTA market, the steady rise of the market has a certain supporting effect, but the range should not be large. At present, downstream manufacturers and traders have high resistance. Therefore, the market trend next week: high consolidation. The diethylene glycol market rebounded due to the impact of the rising external market and the sharp decline in resource supply, and there is still room for growth in the future

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