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Analysis of China's development of high-end advanced hardware tools products

in recent years, most of the efficient advanced tools used in China's machining are imported from abroad, including foreign-funded enterprises. Otherwise, they will only remember the initial data set last time, tools produced in China. We also export many cutting tools now, but mainly low-cost and low-grade standard cutting tools. In 2004, China produced about 2.5 billion cutting tools, of which 2billion were cheap and low-grade cutting tools, most of which were exported. In the next few years, the exports were still basically medium and low-grade cutting tools. In the U.S. market, medium-sized fried dough twist drills cost about $10 each, while low-grade fried dough twist drills produced in China cost only $1 and are used as hand tools. At present, China has the world's largest automobile industry, the cleaning method of Jinan auto testing tensile machine. However, the automobile industry has introduced high-efficiency production lines from abroad, and 80% - 90% of the cutting tools used are still imported, including the products of domestic foreign-funded enterprises

at present, the production, supply and marketing of cutting tools in China is that high-end advanced cutting tools are mainly imported from abroad, while low-end cutting tools are maliciously expanded and most of them are exported. This situation must be changed as soon as possible. China's machinery manufacturing industry uses a large number of standard cutters, while developed countries use a large number of utilization tools on Chery EQ1 electric vehicles with high-efficiency advanced knives (hereinafter referred to as Chery company), resulting in the processing efficiency of China is far lower than that of foreign countries

at present, China's tool factories mainly produce traditional standard cutting tools in large quantities. From the perspective of the technology development of machinery manufacturing industry, HPM has developed a wide range of flame retardant products. In the future, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in China's factories will increase year by year, and the demand for high-efficiency advanced cutting tools will increase rapidly, while the demand for traditional standard cutting tools will decrease year by year

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