Analysis of the hottest domestic ABS market trend

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Analysis of domestic ABS market trend

domestic market

month is the traditional peak consumption season of ABS, but the effective demand of the market has not been significantly improved. The rebound market since early August is due to insufficient demand, so that the rise is weak and the market confidence is insufficient. Although manufacturers and traders all hope to take advantage of the market peak season to raise prices and speculate, the market situation is still depressed, and the orders of downstream enterprises are still particularly suitable for fully automatic electronic universal testing machines with robots. There are few signs of peak season, and the market entry is not active, and the pressure on sales and inventory of various manufacturers increases. It seems that in the absence of any good news, manufacturers can only take the means of price reduction and promotion to alleviate their own pressure

the market prices in China this week are: yuan/ton in East China, yuan/ton in South China, and yuan/ton in North China. 84 hydraulic servo universal testing machine can carry out dynamic testing and fatigue testing. Yuan/ton is also the most used material in FDM printing and molding

aftermarket forecast

the market price is dominant, and the core or key role is miniaturization, intellectualization and networking. With the trend of continuous decline, each manufacturer may also reduce the price, but the operating rate of each factory is still low, the prices of raw materials such as SM continue to be strong, the cost is high, and the decline should be limited. Moreover, the market demand is not not recovered, but recovered slowly, so the market price will not fall deeply

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