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Annotation of engineering information in Solid3000 engineering drawings

engineering drawings are important technical documents for modern industrial production, and important documents for designers to express design ideas, exchange technology, and organize production and processing. The national standard has detailed provisions on the column of engineering information in the engineering drawing, which must be strictly observed during drawing, so that the production department can carry out production and management scientifically and accurately

in the process of engineering design, the workload of engineering information annotation in engineering drawings accounts for more than half of the design work. Therefore, the annotation method that is easy to operate and fully conforms to the national standard can improve the design efficiency, which is highly valued by domestic engineers. The domestic 3D CAD software Solid3000 is more suitable for the application requirements of national standardization. The single database technology adopted by Solid3000 provides the function of bi-directional association between 3D models and 2D engineering drawings. It can automatically generate 2D engineering views in line with national standards from 3D solid models at any time, and can automatically mark the dimensions of engineering drawings. For text or technical requirements, dimensional tolerances, surface roughness, geometric tolerances, datum symbols, etc, The Solid3000 system has been designed in accordance with the requirements of the national standard. It does not need any pre-set. It is only used when necessary, which greatly improves the efficiency of engineering drawing design. The usage and skills of these functions are described in detail below

I. application of dimensional tolerance σ S (PA) indicates that there are two methods to generate dimensions in Solid3000:

1. Manual annotation. The column is marked by the user himself, which is not different from the use method of other engineering drawing software. It mainly adopts intelligent annotation. With a menu, the system can automatically identify the length dimension, diameter/radius dimension, angle dimension, arc length (shift), etc

2. Automatic annotation. In Solid3000, part, assembly and engineering drawing are globally related and can be driven by each other. The dimensions in the engineering drawing are automatically imported and annotated by parts. In addition, in the process of dimensioning, the dimension type can be filtered and selected according to different needs in different views, which can eliminate redundant modeling dimensions and improve the accuracy of automatic dimensioning and the efficiency of column marking

Figure 1 dimension filtering

all dimensions generated by the above two methods have no dimension tolerance by default

you can set the required tolerance type (limit dimension/limit tolerance/symmetrical tolerance) in the command "tool/system parameter/drawing details" and enter the corresponding upper and lower deviations. In this way, all dimensions will display dimensional tolerances. Obviously, some tolerances are redundant

to display the tolerance on the dimension requiring tolerance but not on the dimension not requiring tolerance, you can follow the following steps:

⑴ select the dimension requiring tolerance, right-click and select attribute

⑵ enter the tolerance setting and select the required tolerance type (limit dimension/limit tolerance/symmetric tolerance)

⑶ select the tolerance input type: manually input the upper and lower deviation values or select the tolerance code and tolerance grade to automatically read the upper and lower deviation values from the database

⑷ select tolerance output type: only display deviation value; Display only code; Display code + deviation value

Figure 2 tolerance setting

so far, the tolerance marking meeting the requirements of the national standard has been completed. This process is simple and fast

II. Annotation of surface roughness

annotation of surface roughness can be annotated in parts and then automatically imported into engineering drawings; It can also be marked in the engineering drawing as required. The surface roughness symbols conforming to the national standard have been stored in the Solid3000 system for users to choose. The process of marking columns is as follows:

⑴ click the surface roughness marking command

⑵ in the surface roughness setting dialog box, set according to the needs and national standard requirements: select the surface roughness obtaining method; Processing texture; Input roughness value, etc

⑶ after satisfactory setting, it can be directly marked on the required face or edge, and the roughness symbol will be automatically adjusted according to the position of the face and edge, reducing the user's operation burden. The evaluation report is shown as follows:

Figure 3 example of roughness marking

⑷ repeat steps (2) and (3) continuously mark until the requirements are met

III. annotation of datum symbols

solid3000 supports the annotation of national standard datum symbols of the people's Republic of China. You can define the datum symbol you want in the datum Symbol dialog box

1. Click the button in the "Annotation" toolbar or select the "insert/annotation and other/datum symbols" menu

2. Select an element in the view, and the system will automatically pop up the "datum symbol" according to the default annotation datum symbol. The symbols are allocated in alphabetical order

3. Hold down the shift key and select the datum symbol to drag

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for continuous annotation

5. Press the right mouse button to exit the operation if the oil hole of the buffer is blocked

IV. annotation of geometric tolerance

after the annotation of datum surface, the geometric tolerance can be annotated. Geometric tolerance can be automatically imported into the engineering drawing after being marked on the 3D part; It can also be marked in the engineering drawing, and can be freely selected according to different needs. The national standard has strict regulations on the drawing method of geometric tolerance symbols. The symbol box can only be placed horizontally or vertically. The system will automatically meet this requirement. The geometric tolerance marking process is as follows:

1. Click the command to set it according to the design requirements

2. Click "geometric feature" to select the symbol of geometric tolerance, and click Φ Get the diameter symbol, enter the tolerance value in "tolerance value 1", write the datum requirements in "first datum", or freely define the font size

Figure 4 geometric tolerance attribute

3. Place the set geometric tolerance in the appropriate position

4. Repeat steps 2-3 to mark multiple times. Double click a feature control frame symbol to

v. conclusion

the marking of engineering information is a very important part in engineering design. Marking in strict accordance with the requirements of national standards and designing drawings that meet the standardization requirements are the premise to ensure product quality, and only then can qualified parts be processed. The practical application has proved that using solid200 software, the engineering drawings that meet the requirements of the national standard can be quickly designed, and the purpose of improving the product quality of low-grade plastics is 0.3554 euro/kg. (end)

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