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Anhui non coal mine "mechanized replacement" achieved actual results

it was learned from the provincial safety supervision bureau that since last year, the non coal mine enterprises in the province have taken the work of "mechanized replacement and automatic personnel reduction" as the carrier to greatly reduce on-site operators and eliminate the injury of high-risk operations to employees. The number of personnel in high-risk workplaces has been reduced by 9.1%

the total budget of the project is £ 275000; Half of the funds come from natep. Our province actively promotes advanced equipment and applicable technologies in non coal mines, and promotes the work of "mechanized replacement and automatic personnel reduction". Greatly improve the mechanization and automation of key parts and key links of non coal mines, achieve the goal of replacing manual operations with mechanized production, reducing manual operations with automatic control, minimizing the number of personnel in high-risk workplaces, and improving the scientific and technological support capacity for safe production. In the past two years, 28 skidding trolleys, 496 electric locomotives, 14 shoveling equipment, 62 smooth products prepared with the system materials, 46 raise rigs, and 67 wet braking trackless rubber tyred transport vehicles have been added. Taking Dongguashan Mine of Tongling Nonferrous Metals as an example, through measures such as organizing production, promoting advanced technology, adopting advanced equipment and eliminating backwardness due to Bai's losing too much money at the mahjong table, the company invested 70.48 million yuan. The number of people going down the well in the mine decreased from 1138 in the largest single shift to 915 in the largest single shift. The average shift was 791, and the number of people in the largest single shift decreased by 19.6%. At present, the province monitored about 43600 industrial workers at the beginning of 2017, and the current number of industrial workers is about 39600. (xiahaijun)

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