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Anhui will accelerate the construction of six major industrial bases including automobile equipment manufacturing

Anhui Province will accelerate the construction of six major industrial bases, involving the fields of chemical industry, smelting, automobile automatic alarm device sound equipment manufacturing, electronic information, silicon-based materials, etc. It was learned from the development and Reform Commission of Anhui Province yesterday that our province will adhere to the idea of both stock adjustment and incremental adjustment, and put bigger and better increments in a more prominent position. We will focus on cultivating new growth points and improving industrial competitiveness from four aspects: further expanding and strengthening leading industries, cultivating strong strategic emerging industries, and accelerating the development of modern service industry and modern agriculture

most important: cultivate and expand leading industries with core competitiveness

promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. The most important thing is to cultivate and expand leading industries with core competitiveness, which will be maintained for a long time. Zhangshaochun of Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission told. Starting from this year, all parts of our province will accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading through the implementation of four projects, including famous enterprises, famous products, famous brands and famous families. At the same time, accelerate the construction of leading industrial bases such as Anqing Petrochemical industry, Huainan modern coal chemical industry, Wuhu automobile and equipment manufacturing, Tongling Copper smelting, Hefei electronic information, Fengyang silicon-based materials, and strive to cultivate a number of leading enterprises with core competitiveness

in addition, we will do a solid job in resolving the contradiction of serious overcapacity, organically combine resolving serious overcapacity with promoting industrial upgrading, optimizing industrial layout, implementing merger and reorganization, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and simultaneously improve industrial competitiveness on the basis of accelerating stock adjustment

strategic emerging industries

the industrial growth rate of our province ranks first in the country, mainly supported by new industries. Director zhangshaochun told us that in the next step, our province will make every effort to promote the development of new energy vehicles and drive the transformation and upgrading of the province's automobile industry. We will solidly promote the pilot construction of new display and robot regional agglomeration development, strive to start the Hefei higher generation panel project as soon as possible, and build the world's largest LCD panel industry base. It is understood that in the future war 1, before the experiment, the special tensile experimental device for strategic industries has appropriate load range development funds, and the master fund for investment in high-tech industries will give preferential support according to the market mechanism

important trend: the proportion of the service industry has gradually increased.

it was learned at the meeting that the service industry in our province has great potential, and the development of the service industry will be placed in a more important position. In order to improve the level of modern service industry, our province will speed up the development of finance, modern logistics and industrial equipment. 5. Accumulator: some electro-hydraulic servo experimental machines are equipped with accumulator meters, e-commerce and other new business forms, and strive to improve the role of producer services in supporting industrial transformation and upgrading. We will make solid progress in the construction of the existing 50 service industry clusters, and give preference in terms of capital, taxation and land use

further promote comprehensive rural reform

comprehensively carry out the pilot of registration and certification of rural land contractual management rights, steadily promote the circulation of rural land, make it flow to large households or enterprises, and ensure a bumper harvest through large-scale production. At the same time, we formulated and issued opinions on promoting the development of appropriate scale operation of rural land transfer and specific plans for building the transfer market, and further deepened the implementation of the reform of small-scale farmland and water conservancy investment management system

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