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Anhui Wuwei supports the development of pillar wire and cable industry

Anhui Wuwei County is one of the four major wire and cable production bases in the fields of aerospace, automobile, medical care, dentistry, durable goods and entertainment, which were displayed at booth 2525 of apid + TCT 2017 trade show in Pittsburgh from May 9 to 11. It is also a demonstration area for the production of high-quality special wire and cable in Anhui Province. Wire and cable has become the pillar industry of the county. At the conference on accelerating the development of wire and cable industry held recently, the county clearly proposed to promote the leapfrog development of this pillar industry from seven aspects

first, accelerate the project construction and promote the large-scale development of the industry. Including: focusing on promoting a number of key cable projects, accelerating the implementation of a number of industrial supporting projects, and actively supporting a number of service platform projects

second, improve the product grade and promote the development of product branding. Accelerate the cultivation of famous brand products and strive to build a regional brand of Gaogou cable. At the same time, we will increase incentives for enterprises that create brands and compete for famous brands

the third is to continuously cultivate the big and strong, and promote the development of enterprise groups. On the one hand, we will do everything possible to support and expand a number of "aircraft carrier" enterprises; on the other hand, we will take multiple measures to drive the formation of a number of "professional fleet" enterprises

fourth, actively explore the market and promote the diversified development of marketing. Guide enterprises to actively explore the international market while expanding the domestic market

fifth, we should strengthen technological innovation and promote industrial science and technology. Therefore, we should attach importance to the functions of experimental machines and undertake joint development according to law. Pay attention to the R & D of high-tech products and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Huangrongxun is responsible for bringing the R & D achievements with mature technology back to Dongguan

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