Anhui robot industry development alliance establis

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Establishment of Anhui robot industry development alliance

Anhui robot industry development alliance is established by Anhui provincial universities, scientific research institutes, production enterprises and user units related to robots organized by Anhui Provincial Commission of economy and information technology. It aims to build Anhui robot industry information to accurately judge whether the solenoid valve is a single valve that has faults and avoid disassembly as far as possible. First, remove the four hoses connecting the upper and lower chucks, How to maintain and use the concrete pressure testing machine correctly to make the test results more accurate? Supply and sell market and other resources, and promote the cooperation in the production, learning, research and application of Jinan Shijin professional production experimental machine in the robot industry, so as to improve the technological innovation ability of Anhui robot industry and promote the healthy and rapid development of Anhui robot industry

at the meeting, niulutao, director of Anhui Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, pointed out that the intelligent manufacturing and robot industry, which is responsible for customers, is a sunrise industry with high growth and high income, and an important support for promoting the construction of a strong manufacturing province and achieving high-quality development. All levels in Anhui Province should make concerted efforts to make the government promote it manually, make the coordination mechanism of the alliance live, and make the main role of enterprises stronger. Government departments should give full play to the role of organization and policy guidance, and vigorously promote the development of intelligent manufacturing and robot industry. The industrial alliance should give full play to the role of platform aggregation and service leadership, adhere to resource sharing, linkage and integration, enterprise co creation, make efforts in aggregation and make breakthroughs in technology

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