Causes of wall cracking after decoration

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With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of national life, people also pay more and more attention to the construction quality of housing projects. While improving the residential environment, there are also inconveniences. What should we do about the wall cracking after decoration? Now let's take a look at the causes of wall cracking after decoration with Xiaobian for your reference

causes of wall cracking after decoration

1. Problems with the original wall

problems with the quality of the original wall are a major cause of wall paint cracking after decoration. There are two common problems with the original wall: first, cracks and hollows in the plastering layer; Second, the putty layer is empty. The cracks or hollows in the plastering layer and putty layer are mostly caused by the poor quality of raw materials, the wrong proportion, and the careless and indiscriminate construction not in accordance with the specifications. Therefore, consumers must carefully check the quality of the wall when checking in. Once problems are found, targeted treatment must be done during decoration

2. Housing structure problems

sometimes, the original walls of many houses have no problems, or they have been treated accordingly before painting, but after decoration, cracks will gradually appear as time goes by. Why? In fact, the reason lies in the almost inevitable housing subsidence. There are two kinds of housing structure problems, one is housing settlement, the other is gypsum ceiling deformation settlement

(1) house settlement

house settlement is mostly caused by uneven foundation settlement, which is most common in old multi-storey apartment houses. Specifically, the wall surface presents 45 DEG; Directional crack. The top surface is mostly through the East and West ends. In addition, if the old apartment is a floor structure, cracks often occur at the junction of the two floors. Generally, the cracking situation is different, and different treatment measures need to be taken to repair the cracks to prevent the cracking of wall paint in the future

(2) deformation and settlement of gypsum ceiling

another common reason for wall cracking is the settlement of ceiling and other decorative components. The most common one is the deformation and settlement of gypsum board ceiling. Gypsum board ceiling is generally constructed by two processes. One is the use of wood keel. Due to the natural lack of stability of wood, generally poor treatment or inadequate construction will lead to surface deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The other is the light steel keel. Sometimes the decoration company deliberately increases the keel spacing in order to save materials, resulting in the settlement of gypsum board in the future. In addition, for convenience, some decoration companies replace the drywall nails required for keel and gypsum board with row nails, which will crack the gypsum board ceiling over time. If drywall nails are directly coated with putty without anti-corrosion treatment, they will cause protruding nail holes on the ceiling surface due to rust in the future

1. Emulsion paint problem

first of all, let's talk about the quality of emulsion paint. Anyone who knows the decoration process knows that the wall paint construction needs to go through multiple processes such as base treatment, puttying, primer and finish paint. In terms of using materials alone, once the materials in these processes are used improperly, they will cause wall paint problems. The prices of products of different brands, grades and specifications vary widely, and fake and inferior products are not uncommon. Generally, the key adhesion and hiding power of inferior latex paint products must be limited. Therefore, the use effect can be imagined

2. Construction problems

in addition, wall cracking is closely related to decoration construction, which involves the sense of responsibility and professional quality of workers in decoration companies. There are many reasons for wall problems caused by non-standard construction technology, common ones are

(1) improper selection of construction climate

technically, plum rain season or severe cold climate are unfavorable to wall paint. In plum rain season, the wall has high moisture content, and the construction effect of putty and emulsion paint is poor. In the severe cold climate, it is difficult to dry putty and emulsion paint. Once freezing occurs, if the construction is hurried again, the wall is likely to crack soon

(2) improper repair of wall slotting

water and electricity transformation requires slotting and embedding pipelines on the wall. Improper repair after slotting on the wall will also lead to cracks in the wall paint. The reason for improper repair may be the wrong proportion of cement mortar used for backfilling, or the workers' careless treatment of the slotting, the failure to use crack proof paint and the failure to paste joint bandages, etc

(3) improper proportion of emulsion paint

in many cases, improper proportion of emulsion paint will also lead to wall cracks. In order to steal the beam and replace the column and speed up the construction progress, many bad decoration companies use the most common trick of adding more water to the emulsion paint. The consequence of a large amount of water is to make the physical properties of the latex paint worse after brushing, and finally it is naturally easy to fail and crack

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