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Suifu door and window warm tips when choosing the appropriate door and window design, we should pay more attention to the actual situation of the house and safety issues; Only in this way can the home gain the most outstanding visual effects and enjoy a safe and comfortable door and window experience

brief introduction of casement window

casement window refers to a window type in which the hinge (hinge) is installed on the side of the door and window and opens inward or outward through the handle on the left or right side of the casement window (the inward direction is towards the interior, taking up part of the indoor space, and the outward direction is the opposite). According to the different opening methods, casement windows are divided into upper hung windows, lower hung outward hung windows, outward hung windows, etc

with regard to casement windows, people often ask such questions: how large is the appropriate opening of the external window sash? Are there any design specifications and national regulations? How can customization be reasonable and safe? Suifu windows and doors will answer these questions one by one

in fact, in the actual casement window design, the common problems are mainly the size of the window opening fan: if the opening fan is too small, the result is naturally poor ventilation, insufficient lighting, and poor experience; If the opening fan is too large, the result is likely to be inconvenient to open, and even affect the operation safety when opening and closing the window because of inconvenient opening

open the window sash horizontally - the window is too small, and the ventilation and lighting are not good

for the size of residential ventilation opening area, various household design specifications have clear provisions. For example, a bedroom of 12 square meters is designed with a 600mm fan × 1000mm open fan can meet the ventilation requirements; A living room of about 20 square meters, with two 600mm fans × 1000mm can be satisfied by opening the fan; There is a 600mm toilet with 4 square meters × 600mm open fan is enough; The ventilation requirements of kitchens are relatively higher. Kitchens with an area of about 5 ~ 6 square meters need a 600mm fan × 1000mm opening fan meets the needs of ventilation and exhaust

the above are the minimum values. From the perspective of function, it is best to have a larger opening area, but the cost of opening fan is higher than that of fixed fan; Therefore, all spectators need to consider the ventilation and lighting area of the window based on the minimum value and according to the actual needs and positioning

casement - the window is too large, which is practical and inconvenient to open

the production specification for doors and windows issued by the state does not specify the maximum area of the window sash, but stipulates a series of performance of doors and windows, such as air tightness, water tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc., of course, including the service life of hardware, opening and closing force and other indicators. In other words, as long as the performance of window products can meet the index value specified by the state

but even so, the casement is not suitable to be too large. If the window opening leaf is too large, on the one hand, the hardware will be deformed because the window leaf is too heavy, on the other hand, it will directly affect daily use and personal and property safety. At this point, the topic began to relate to the opening method: if it is an internal flat opening, people can retreat indoors when opening windows, so the safety problem is not prominent; However, if it is open horizontally, people need to make the action of "extending arms → bending down" outdoors in order to complete the window opening operation. Therefore, the use of large opening fans for external windows requires extra attention to safety issues

design suggestions are as follows

the opening leaf of casement window: the width should not be greater than 700, less than 500, and should be about 600; The height should not be greater than 1400 and less than 900, and should be 1000-1200. If the opening fan is too large (too wide or too high), especially the outward opening window, the convenience and safety of opening must be carefully considered

it needs to be explained that under the condition of a certain sill height, the higher the window sash is, the higher the position of the opening handle will be. In the window opening process of "arm extension → body bending", the height that can be reached by hands shows a downward trend. Therefore, the window sash and handle are too high, which will increase the inconvenience of operation. For ordinary people with a height of 1.6 ~ 1.7m, the height of their arms extending horizontally is about 1.4 ~ 1.5m. Considering the height of the ordinary windowsill of 0.9m, 1.0 ~ 1.2m is the reasonable height to open the leaf

casement - Indoor safety, an easily overlooked problem

in fact, there is another often overlooked problem in window design - head butting. Now widely used aluminum alloy profiles have sharp edges and corners. If it is an internal casement window, the height from the bottom edge of the window sash to the ground is about 0.9m to 1.1m, which is easy to pose a safety threat to children moving near the window

there are two main ways to avoid: using the external flat opening or flat opening and inverted (internal flat opening + upper suspension) window. However, the former is not suitable for high-level enterprises, and the price of the latter will be slightly higher. Therefore, this humanized window matching must be combined with the actual situation of home furnishings. The use of flat opening and inverted windows in some medium and high-rise buildings can improve the safety factor of products from the perspective of humanized design

Suifu warm tips: there are no unchanging rules and methods for window size and collocation. When choosing the appropriate door and window design, we should pay more attention to the actual situation of the house and safety issues; Only in this way can the home gain the most outstanding visual effects and enjoy a safe and comfortable door and window experience

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