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The demand for decoration has shrunk, and the business volume of decoration workers in Shencheng has decreased by 40% year-on-year

it is another peak decoration season, but for Liu Hui, a bricklayer with 12 years of service, this peak season is really not prosperous. "I haven't received a single job for a week, which is far worse than in previous years. At this time in previous years, it should have been a row job," Liu Hui said

affected by many factors such as the "five national regulations" and the reduction of decoration demand, many decoration companies and individual decoration workers in Shencheng feel the chill from the market, and the business volume has shrunk significantly. It is normal to shrink by 30% to 40%. Although there is little work, it has not affected the income expectations of the decoration masters. There was a stalemate in which there were few jobs, but the asking price did not fall

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this time of year is the traditional peak decoration season, but this year's decoration work has decreased significantly. It's normal for decorators to have no work for a week.

at noon on May 27, near Shayang Road, Heping District, Shenyang, Lao Zhang leisurely watched other workers play poker while looking around. Once a passer-by stopped, he was always the first to ask what work he needed to do, and sometimes he rushed back to his original position

"this year's work is too bad. This situation didn't exist last year. It's been more than ten days recently. I haven't received a decent job yet. I earned 550 yuan in my last small job for two days. According to the current situation, I'm afraid 2000 yuan won't be enough this month." Lao Zhang complained

in the decoration odd job market, which opened spontaneously, carpenters, mechanics, Tilers, oilers and so on gathered. Many workers marked their professional identity in front of electric vehicles with signs. According to the visual observation of the reporter of Liaoshen Evening News, there were no less than 50 workers waiting for work. Many people admit that it is normal not to work for a week. A laborer claims to be the most miserable. So far this month, he has only earned more than 600 yuan

Liu Hui has 12 years of bricklaying experience. Relying on the relationship accumulated by his peers in the industry, this time in previous years is his busiest time. Because the labor fee given by the decoration company is lower than his own work alone, even the decoration company will generally push it when it finds itself. Generally, it will not take more than five days to rest in a month. This year, the situation has completely changed, and it is common that he can't find work in a few days

the decoration company laments that the profit is diluted

in a paint shop in Heping District, Mr. Wang, the owner, said that due to the influence of the "five national regulations", the commercial houses have been sold less. In addition to wedding clothes, other decoration has been significantly reduced, and his business also intuitively reflects the cooling of the market. Now it takes three to five days to sell goods

chenxuedong, head of Shencheng No. 1 decoration company, said, "although the volume of home decoration business of our company has not decreased significantly, it is said by peers that the reduction is not a small number. Some skilled decoration workers from Anhui and Jiangsu Province, who see that the market work here is not good and earn less money, are beginning to withdraw from their hometown."

although the decoration companies take on jobs normally, their profits have narrowed. Chen Xuedong said that because there are fewer jobs and more people competing for jobs, many decoration companies have begun to press prices against each other. On the one hand, they should retain customers with low quotations, and on the other hand, it is difficult to press down the decoration labor costs, management and operation costs, often sacrificing profit space

due to the shrinking business volume, the income of some decoration company employees also declined. Xiao Jun (a pseudonym), the design director of a decoration company in Shencheng, said that his income was directly linked to the design volume. This year, the workload was reduced by about 30-40% compared with the same period last year, and his income was reduced by a quarter

it is easy for the decoration cost to rise and difficult to fall.

Tilers make a base of 300 yuan/day, carpenters 200-300 yuan/day, manual workers 250-300 yuan/day, scrape white 200-260 yuan/day... These are the current status of several major types of decoration work, and the labor cost standards of some types of work have doubled compared with 2010

at present, the decoration companies with a certain scale in Shencheng have their own relatively fixed decoration teams, that is, they have long-term cooperative relations with some professionally qualified workers, and the company will find these people to work after receiving the decoration list. Therefore, these "regular troops" often have no work to do, and their work and income are relatively stable. Some companies even pay insurance for decorators

Chen Xuedong said that generally speaking, the wages paid by decoration companies to decorators are lower than those of the "guerrillas" who do odd jobs such as street work. At present, the daily wages of carpenters and bricklayers are generally about 100 yuan. Compared with the "guerrillas", the advantage of the "regular army" lies in its good income stability. However, many decoration teams are composed of relatives and neighbors. They do not work with a decoration company, but often shuttle back and forth between multiple decoration companies

"why can't we reduce the labor cost standard and strive for opportunities when there are fewer jobs?" When the reporter of Liaoshen Evening News threw this question to some decoration hours, the other party said that it was because they were worried that the work would be less and the income would be reduced that the labor fee standard could not be reduced. Even so, the monthly income would still shrink significantly

insiders said that in recent years, loading materials have always been rising and falling, but the labor cost of decorators, like other workers, has always maintained a state of wages rising without falling. Although the decoration business has decreased at present, considering the factors such as the shortage of young generations of skilled decorators and the departure of some foreign decorators, it is unlikely that the labor cost of decorators will fall




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