How to decorate an 80 square meter house

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In the new year, many people are planning for their new houses. Nowadays, the cost of decorating a new house is a lot. Generally, we have to make a detailed list budget, so that we can have a psychological preparation. How to decorate an 80 square meter house? Now let's see how to decorate the 80 square meter house with Xiaobian for your reference

1. Hydropower transformation

hydropower transformation in new houses is also a big problem, which is related to the quality of future living standards. The cost is about 3000-4000 yuan, but it mainly depends on how the owner plans the water and electricity charges. In short, a little more budget is always beneficial

2. Price of main materials

the main materials of new house decoration generally include floor tiles, paint, doors, cabinets and some toilet supplies. The budget of floor tiles is generally about 8000. Of course, it also depends on what brand you choose. The solid paint is at least 2000 yuan, the budget of the door is about 6000-8000 yuan, the conservative cabinet is 15000 yuan, and the bathroom is about 4000 yuan. There are also some costs of lamps, curtains, hardware, etc., and the purchase price of these main materials is very high

3. Auxiliary materials

the general basic decoration budget for the decoration of new houses is the quotation given by the decoration company. If the house area is less than 100 square meters, the quotation of the room is generally between 10000 and 20000. If it is a larger decoration company, the quotation will be higher

4. Household appliance budget

household appliances are essential supplies in life. The main household appliances include air conditioners, washing machines, electric water heaters, refrigerators, televisions, computers, drinking fountains, etc. if they are purchased according to general brands, the estimated price is about 10000-20000. The actual situation has to be decided according to the owner's personal preferences and economic strength

5. Furniture budget

in the decoration of new houses, furniture is also a mainstream, and its cost is not generally small, especially some high-end solid wood furniture. If you want to save costs, you can choose some board furniture, and the price will be appropriate and affordable. However, adding furniture such as bed, wardrobe, TV cabinet, sofa, dining table, chair, shoe cabinet and so on, the conservative estimate price is also about 30000-40000

in general, the budget of the new house should be controlled reasonably, and the final plan should be made mainly according to the actual application. So how can the above total costs add up to more than 100000? Of course, this is only some estimates. For some people who decorate for the first time, they can only grope for experience in practice, and the overall cost must be reasonably arranged

the above are some suggestions on how to decorate an 80 square meter house provided by decoration network. The above prices are for your reference only! If you still want to know relevant information, you can log in to the decoration website, and more wonderful content is available! Will answer for you as soon as possible




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